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12:00 13th February 2016

by Norwich City Football Club

Q&A session takes place on Global Canaries day

AS part of Global Canaries day at Carrow Road, representatives of Norwich City supporter groups from the UK and around the world met with Board members and key Club staff before the West Ham United game on Saturday.

The supporters engaged in a question and answer session with Chairman Ed Balls, Chief Executive David McNally and new Director Thomas Smith in the Gunn Club, covering a range of topics such as the team's current position in the Premier League and City's ongoing policy on ticketing.

Other issues discussed included January transfer window business, attracting new players to the Club, the Premier League's Away Supporters' Initiative, City's Academy set-up and redevelopment at Carrow Road and Colney Training Centre.

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Mr McNally told afterwards: "It's great that we had so many different supporter groups from across the Canary family here today for the seventh consecutive year.

"The questions were terrific - some of them were very difficult to answer, but that's what you want! You want an openness and a transparency from the supporters to the management team and the Board."

The event was attended by 12 supporter groups: Capital Canaries, Northern Canaries, Scottish Canaries, UAE Canaries, Kent Canaries, Channel Island Canaries, Posh Canaries, Proud Canaries, Canaries Trust, Norwich City Fans Social Club, Forces2Canaries and the Norwich City Disabled Supporters Association.

Di Cunningham of Proud Canaries said: "This is a brilliant opportunity for fans to be heard, and everyone is always really interested to hear what the fans have to say and they gave honest answers. It's not cosmetic, it is real.

"You really get the sense that some of the suggestions from the conversations are going to influence decisions and policy, so it's a really important event."

Each group will form a half-time pitch parade this afternoon, which will be an opportunity for home supporters to show their appreciation for those fans who loyally back the Canaries from afar.

To read more about Global Canaries day at Carrow Road, click HERE.

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