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What we're doing

Since the formation of our sustainability group in 2019 and throughout lockdown, the Club have been consciously making changes business-wide to becomes more sustainable. Despite starting our journey recently, we have made great progress in becoming more sustainable and will continue to look for new ways to be #GreenerTogether.

Here are some of the changes we have made so far.

Plastic Saving + Recycling

at Norwich City Football Club
  • With the support of Kotkamills, the Club has committed to over 100,000, 100% plastic-free items for use on a matchday in the stadium.

  • The Club no longer use plastic sporks, condiment sachets or straws.

  • Takeaway matchday food served in a Kotkamills plastic-free product.

  • Bespoke plastic-free pint cup will be implemented for next season; this is a new product developed on behalf of the Club to ensure we can serve alcohol in plastic-free cups.

  • At the Lotus Training Centre a compost heap for raw food and grass cutting is in place to reduce landfill waste.

  • Our Club shop and Fan Hub use only recyclable paper carrier bags and offer a selection of environmentally friendly items.

Saving Energy

at Norwich City Football Club
  • At Carrow Road, a 3 year rolling programme is in place to change all current stadium lighting to LED.

  • At Carrow Road voltage optimisation is in place to reduce energy costs.

  • The Club are on a 100% renewable energy tariff at Carrow Road and the Lotus Training Centre.

  • The new academy building was designed with natural materials throughout and is sustainably heated by air source heat pumps.

  • Delia’s Canary Catering is committed to supporting locally sourced produce to cater for all dietary requirements and we will continue to work with local suppliers who are most sustainable.

  • A vegetable and herb patch has been developed at the Lotus Training Centre to be used daily by the chefs in preparing balanced diets for players, coaches and staff.

  • Electric car charging points in place at the Lotus Training Centre

  • Solar energy transmittance and light transmittance values of the external glazing were carefully considered in order to control solar gains and to maximise daylight respectively, therefore reducing the need of electric lighting.

Water Optimisation

at Norwich City Football Club
  • At the Lotus Training Centre a Waste 2 Water recycling system is in place to recycle water used in washing down equipment and machinery

  • At the Lotus Training Centre natural rain water is collected, which is then used to irrigate the training pitches.

  • At both the stadium at Carrow Road and at the Lotus Training Centres, Bore Holes are utilised to supply water for the irrigation of pitches reducing the demand on the fresh water supply.

Staff/Partner Policy

at Norwich City Football Club
  • All staff issued with reusable coffee cups and water bottles.

  • All staff are encouraged to only print when necessary. Default setting on all printers is black & white and double sided. The paper used by the Club is 100% recycled.

  • Staff are encouraged to attend digital meetings whenever possible to avoid unnecessary travel.

  • Cycle to work scheme in place

  • Individuals and department leads tasked to pledge ways in their personal and business life to reduce their impact on the environment.

  • Club partners to be encouraged to take on the same principles of sustainability and implement changes in their own businesses.

  • Commitment to educating the next generations on sustainability through our Academy, Junior Canaries and Community Sports Foundation.

Other Projects

at Norwich City Football Club
  • At the Lotus Training Centre, we have recently begun offsetting our carbon footprint– to date, we have planted over 645 new and semi-mature trees including apple trees and plum trees and over 800 new plants, hedges, bushes, and flowers across our Training Centre to create an environmentally friendly habitat.