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Staff Focus - Pip Davis

9 June 2020

Today’s ‘In focus’ session we caught up with current Football Development Officer, Pip Davis.

Pip has been with the Regional Development Programme since 2014 when he joined the Club, working both for the Academy and in the early stages of the RDP being launched.

With his current role of overseeing the Post 16 Football & Educaton scheme at Bishop Laney, Pip is no stranger to hard work and developing his career, as he worked on every programme throughout the duration of his time leading into his current role.

His commitment, flexiblity and loyalty is a perfect example to coaches and peers not just with the RDP, but to those aspiring to progress in football and the sports industry.

Pip answered a few questions for us;

How long have you been with the RDP?

"I started work at the RDP in 2014 so this is my sixth season!"

What role do you have?

"Football Development Officer at Bishop Laney Sixth Form College in Ely."

What’s your day to day job entail?

"My job requires me to lead on our Football and Education programme at Bishop Laney Sixth Form College in Ely, alongside a number of other staff members who support the coaching and organisation of the squads.

"It’s a busy role as we look after around 35 students over the week, who combine football with their college work. The students train 3 times a week and have a game on Wednesday afternoon, so we need to plan and deliver training sessions as well as pick teams and compete in our fixtures.

"My role also requires me to provide support to the students off the pitch, working in partnership the Sixth Form College to make sure everyone is progressing, happy, and up to date on their work. My role also involves working with secondary schools to support progression into the scheme each year.

"I also work two evenings a week coaching on our Ely and central Cambridge boys player development centre programme."

What’s been your best moment at the RDP?

"Lots to mention so I have a top 3!

"I am very fortunate in my role that we have been able to provide some fantastic opportunities for the students, one of which was in 2017 we were fortunate enough to be invited by MK Dons SET to play their equivalent scheme at their stadium. This was a great experience.

"During the 2018/19 season we took the students on their first tour. We travelled to Manchester to take part in the Manchester Cup, competing against teams from all over the world and England. We were fortunate enough to win the tournament which was great and the trophy still sits proudly in the office. (To everyone’s annoyance as it’s about 6ft in size!)

"My third favourite moment is for me the most important one, after 6 years I am lucky enough to have worked with a number of outstanding individuals. Being able to work closely with them and see people overcome challenges in order to improve and get a step closer towards their individual dreams and ambitions has been my ultimate highlight."

Tell us a bit more about yourself?

"Probably my hardest thing to speak about myself! As mentioned I have now been working for Norwich for six seasons. Prior to this I worked at Luton Town for 7 years. 

"I am a very proud husband and farther and I am at my happiest when spending time with my family."

If you could have a quote, what would it be?

"Over lockdown I have been doing a lot of reading, I recently read a fascinating book at the New Zealand rugby team known as the All Blacks, who are one of the most successful sporting teams in the world. They live by a saying of ‘better people make better all blacks’ I would adapt this to ‘better people make better players’ I try to make sure every day I work hard at my role, being a better husband and father to be as successful as I can."

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