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Norwich City Football & Education Programme Peterborough 2019/20 Highlights

1 September 2020

With the new educational season soon upon us, we are taking our time to reflect on parts of the programme that have been a major success from last year.

Within the programme we try to offer a rounded package for our students leaving them with multiple pathways into what we hope turns out to be a successful career in the sporting industry. Here are our 3 biggest highlights from last season.


Football – Florian Guimdo


Florian joined the programme in its first year back in 2018, from then on it has been a working progress every single day for Florian to better and improve his all-round game to achieve playing at the highest possible level. This hasn’t just been within the 4 sessions we carry out each week, Flo has taken it upon himself to flourish within his academic and sporting environment and used every tool or spare piece of time given to him efficiently.


This includes building up a gym programme for himself to complete during free periods or after school, 1 to 1 Strength and Conditioning sessions with a trainee within the 6th form and countless hours spent on the training field after school honing his technical skills. 


With all this dedication, it is unsurprising that he grew in stature on the pitch over the two years and extracted attention of it. With links from the programme’s coaching staff he had good spells with Peterborough Northern Star, Wisbech St Mary & March Town all within the areas Non-League set up. Gaining valuable experience at a high men’s level, after leaving us this summer the experience seems to have paid off as he trains with both Kings Lynn and Boston’s senior sides. 


A great role model on the pitch and someone for who players on our programme can aspire to work like during the programme. We look forward to following his career.


Education – Filip Murawski


Filip again joined us in the programme’s first year and straight away during pre-season showed he had a focused mindset to want to listen and wanting to improve himself. This mindset transferred itself to the classroom where Filip consistently produced a high quality of work time after time. 


His efficient timekeeping and management of the classroom with his helping of others to understand work or strategising how to meet deadlines showed a real sense of leadership which he was eventually rewarded for with being presented with the captain’s armband in the second year. 


In the second year is where Filip took the academic side of the programme to another level, Deadlines were being met early with outstanding grades leaving him time to help others within the classroom who may have been struggling. He became the university officer for the group researching venues, booking open days and arranging other players accommodation for university. All of this whilst consistently producing a high quality of work himself. 


This summer he secured himself a place at Nottingham Trent University studying Sports Science where once again we know he will excel. 


Enrichment - Patryk Szpryngiel


Throughout the programme, we look to enrich the player's time on the course as much as possible as previously said to open up multiple pathways to prompt thought into life after the programme.


One way in which we do this is the Norwich City Coaches Club, this is a volunteer course where players apply like a real job, get interviewed and then are selected to carry out several coaching hours over various playing platforms within the programme. 


Patryk in his second year applied for this and once successful he quickly immersed himself into many different coaching levels and centres. He volunteered massively over the hours he was originally ‘contracted’ to coach and grew in confidence and quality in every session.


He began with coaching after school clubs, holiday camps and technical centres within the area. Before moving up to firstly shadowing coaches at our development centres for players who make their first steps on to the Academy ladder. He then moved on to taking small parts of the session and hugely impressed all the coaches after doing so. Once again Patryk is another player who has left us this season however after completing the Coaches Club he now has the opportunity to complete a level 1 sporting course of his choice funded by the club. 


This will hopefully make him more employable upon his leave to other coaching companies and also now sits him in a good position for paid hours within the Norwich City Regional Development Programme. It’s been a huge pleasure having him on the staff with us and we look forward to working with him again in the future

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