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22 July 2015

Inside City's 2015 Germany training camp

'ROOMIES'. Two roommates. Five questions. Next up, defender Ryan Bennett and goalkeeper Declan Rudd...

Q: Which of you is the tidiest?

Bennett: Definitely not me, Dec is definitely the tidiest. Everything is everywhere with me, he's probably going to hammer me. So this one is me, 100%,

Rudd: Probably Benno because he doesn't actually have anything to make the place untidy. He has one pair of shorts and one t-shirt for the week, and that's it. I've got more stuff so it makes me look more untidy.

Q: Who's the last to get out of bed?

Bennett: We get up at a similar time to be fair. The alarm is set and we get up, but I don't like to hang around after that.

Rudd: I'd say me. He's ready to go downstairs about an hour before every meeting! He sets his alarm at about 6am for a 9am breakfast. I get up easily but he gets up extra early so he's not late.

Q: Which of you takes the longest to get ready?

Bennett: Definitely Dec. He does all sorts in the morning; combs his hair, puts all these creams on - it's a disgrace! He takes a good ten minutes sorting himself out, but I usually just put my shorts and my shirt and then I'm halfway out of the door already. For him, it's a long one. I'll just wait at the door so he knows I'm waiting.

Rudd:Definitely me. He's ready before he's even out of bed! I'm still getting dressed and he's halfway down the hallway. That's only because I take pride in my appearance a bit more...

Q: Who snores the loudest?

Bennett: Neither of us snore, well I've never heard him anyway. I've never had any problems.

Rudd: No-one snores. I haven't heard him sleep talk or anything either. It's actually nice to have a bit of peace and quiet because he doesn't shut up usually.

Q: Why does he make the ideal roommate?

Bennett: We just get on. We see eachother outside of football as well, so we just fit in. We have the same sort of interests, and he's easy to get along with. We watch the same TV and do the same sort of stuff.

Rudd: He's entertaining and he plays his guitar; he serenades me, makes me tea in bed all the time and he tucks me to sleep at night, so he's handy to have around.

Russell Martin & Steven Whittaker

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