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20 January 2016

Matt Jarvis is an England international winger who signed permanently for Norwich City this month. He's just returned from a long-term knee injury.

NCFC: Hi Matt, thanks for talking to us. You must be a happy man to be back fit and ready to contribute to the Norwich City cause?
Yes I am. It's tough being out injured for a longer period of time, but you work extremely hard when you're injured to get back fit and it's just nice to be back out training every day and being involved in the games.

NCFC: Is there a bit of nervousness whenever you return from a long-term injury?
By the time you get back into training, you need to be confident in yourself before you throw yourself back in. Once you're in training and when it comes to games, you're fully confident going into it knowing that, in my case, your knee is fine.

NCFC: Were you ever close to coming back sooner, or did you want to make sure that everything was 100% certain before making your return?
As a player you know how your body works and you know how it feels, but you do lean on the medical staff for help and guidance. You always want to get back as quickly as you possibly can, but you don't want to push it too far that you then hurt yourself and you're out for longer. It's about getting back as quickly as possible without pushing the boundaries too much.

NCFC: It must have been so frustrating to get that injury because you were just getting into your stride as a Norwich City player?
It was very frustrating. I was really enjoying my time, I had started off really well and I was looking forward to carrying that form on. It was gutting at the time, but it's part of the game and you've got to get your head around that and then do everything you possibly can to make sure it doesn't happen again.

NCFC: What’s your coping mechanism when you’re on the sidelines?
You still watch every home game, although that's not something I really like doing I have to admit! It's hard watching your own team play when you can't be involved or help at all. Being at the training ground with the lads keeps you sane. I was the only one injured so it was a lonely place at times though!

NCFC: You must have been delighted when the club told you that they wanted to make your loan deal permanent?
It was out of the blue but it was fantastic for me to sort out my future. It's a great for Norwich to want to sign me up early while I was injured, which I was more than happy to do.

NCFC: You must have settled in pretty quickly to life in Norfolk?
It's a great bunch of lads - I know everyone probably says that when you come to a club, but it does help you settle in and they've really made me feel welcome.

Delighted to have signed a permanent deal @NorwichCityFC can't wait to get back playing and helping the team soon!

— Matt Jarvis (@MrMattJarvis) December 24, 2015
NCFC: What have you learned about the club since you’ve been here, and have you felt more of a part of that the longer you’ve been here?
One of the first things I got told before I came here was that Norwich always sell-out their season tickets and that they've got a waiting list, which is incredible and shows the fan-base the club has got. It all helps when it comes to matchday.

NCFC: The fans have taken to you, and particularly enjoy your partnership with Robbie Brady down the left – how much have you enjoyed playing with Robbie?
I think Robbie has shown exactly what he can do week-in, week-out. He's been outstanding and it's been great to form a partnership with him. It's good once you know what you each do, it makes life a lot easier. We just need to make sure that we keep doing well and get Norwich up the league.

NCFC: Do you get more of a buzz from creating or scoring a goal?
You get a buzz from both for sure. The manager doesn't want me always to be out wide providing crosses, I can get into more positions where I'm able to score goals. Hopefully I can be equally involved with both!

NCFC: You’re a PFA Management Committee Member – what does that mean?
You've got Ritchie Humphreys, who is the chairman of the PFA and I'm on his committee which helps in any way we can. We have meetings every few months to discuss everything that's going on in football, and hopefully we spread the word about what the PFA can offer. It's enjoyable, I've really taken to it.

NCFC: That’s quite an interesting route to go down. When you’ve finished playing, what do you see yourself doing?
I don't know really know at the moment. I'm going to try and do my coaching badges, but at the moment I don't really see that as something I want to go down, but at the same time every says your thoughts are completely different to when you retire, so we'll see!

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