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12 May 2016

City's manager on...

"It wasn't anything that I was expecting. I'll be honest, I told my wife to keep my kids at home because you don't know how things are going to pan out.

"I'm really grateful for that. I hope they recognise that I've worked extremely hard this season to try and make us as successful as we can be.

"Anybody that's ever known me as a player and as person, I'd like to think of myself as straight down the middle and honest. I'll share the good times, I will feel I've played my part but when I feel I've let people down I'll be the first to say and accept my criticism. Without question, it hurts."

"The season's not finished yet. We haven't got a Chief Executive at the moment, so there are certain things that need to be resolved within the Club. I will have a meeting with the owners and then we can sit down and have a chat.

"I want to make something clear, I'm not suggesting at any stage that I'm leaving the Club. It's nothing like that, I just think that we need to have a clear direction in which we're going. That's important.

"I don't think you can ever promise anything in football. Like I've said, I'm not trying to add to speculation or anything like it, but we need to have a clear structure as to how we're going forward.

"The season hasn't finished yet, I've got nothing but respect for the owners and once the season is done we'll sit down and have a good chat."

"We've spoken about recruiting a stronger team before the start of the season, which obviously made things difficult going into it.

"However, there were a number of factors as to why that didn't happen. That must be a learning point for the Club going forward.

"We're not in any need to sell any players. If people want to tempt players from Norwich, they'll have to get their money out. We won't be selling players on the cheap. We're financially stable, so we're in a really strong position even though we're dropping down a division.

"We've not got somebody who can plough £40m, £50m, £60m into it on a whim. We're one of the clubs that's really well run, we live within our means and that has certain restrictions on it.

"It's a great Club. I've got no problems or qualms in terms of people giving me support or willing me to do well."

"I don't think being a manager of a club you're ever going to get relegated having made no mistakes.

"There are certainly mistakes that I've made myself that in hindsight I think I could have done better with. It's difficult to pinpoint them all off the top of my head, but it will be something I'll look to improve on.

"Since I've started management, every single year is a learning curve and I'd like to think I've improved every year."

"I don't think there will any questions that the Club will have a full on crack at it..

"I had a brief chat after the Watford game with the Chairman and the owners, and to be honest they've been nothing but supportive of me in the whole time that I've been here.

"I trust them, and without question they've got everything to do with the Club at heart and they just want it to move forward."

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