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2 September 2016

Chief Executive speaks to the media at Carrow Road

JEZ Moxey feels Norwich City are in a stronger position following the conclusion of the summer transfer window earlier this week.

Moxey, speaking to the media at Carrow Road on Friday, revealed that there were efforts being made behind the scenes to add to Tuesday’s recruitment of striker Nelson Oliveira – but that ultimately he thinks the squad has the required depth to challenge for promotion.

"We were working on two or three deals going out, unfortunately they fell down, and we had one or two players that we were interested in signing, but primarily, because those deals didn't go out, we weren't able to bring those in,” the Canaries’ Chief Executive told reporters.

"I think we were not particularly optimistic on the last day, but as always, you keep your antenna open, and you talk to people, and you see whether deals can be done.

"We’re realistic about what we can do and what we can’t do. We brought three attacking players in, in Sergi Canos, Alex Pritchard and Nelson Oliveira, and I think we are very pleased with those signings because we do believe it strengthens the team.

"What we haven’t said previously is that there were bids on players that we've got that we turned down because we didn't want to weaken the team.

"I'm sure that we've got a really good squad that should be able to compete at the top level of the Championship this year."

Discussing the Club’s approach to transfers, Moxey added: "Norwich City is using every single available resource that it has to strengthen the team. I can tell you and reassure the fans, coming from my previous club to this club, this football club is not risk-averse at all, it is prepared to push the boundaries.

"I can't really speak for other clubs, apart from to make a general comment that you have got multi-billionnaires owning certain clubs that are prepared, potentially, to risk financial fair play rules.

"We try and live within our means and I think everyone needs to understand we can only do what we can do, but we do commit every single penny that we've got to ensure that we've got the best possible team.

"I don’t buy into the view that you have to spend a load of money to compete. It's all about chemistry, it's all about being smart, getting a team that works together and getting the fans behind you.”

Asked about the possibility of future investment in the Club, he said: "I think we have fantastic owners. We’re always open to people that may want to come to us with investment ideas, but if we want to be realistic, no-one is going to invest in the football club unless they have full control, and the club is not for sale."

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