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11 May 2017

Steve Stone met with the media earlier this week

EARLIER this week, Norwich City Managing Director Steve Stone met with members of the media to discuss the 2016-17 season and the Club's next steps as they prepare for the 2017-18 campaign.

Below is a brief rundown of the key points addressed.

"I'm very keen to move forward to the future.

"It's no secret this season has had its interesting moments, that's fair to say. Towards the end of the season there has been some good football, particularly at the home games.

"Now the season has finished it gives us an opportunity to move forward and that's exciting."

"We move into the second year of parachute payments next season.

"They are less than they were last season, around £12million less in those terms. Logically, you think the best chance of being promoted is the season you come down.

"However, last season in terms of the squad we were carrying it's fair to say it was probably too big for the league. That didn't help things.

"Although we'll have less money next season, with the structure we've got in place and the plans we have, we'll certainly have a good crack at going up.

"We have to put our effort into getting promoted, but we'll always have an eye on what we do if we don't achieve that. We won't make crazy decisions that put the club's long-term future in jeopardy but we'll give things as good a go as we can do."

"In terms of reducing the wage bill, some of that has already happened with the players that have been released.

"It's now more whether we need to reallocate the wage bill with bringing players in to change the way we play and to boost some areas of the team. That's where the change will happen.

"It's not a 'we need to sell players to reduce the wage bill, it's we need to sell players if we want to change things'. It's the area for Stuart [Webber] really, although I'll be supporting him from a financial point of view.

"With a new Head Coach and a new Sporting Director, it's going to be a busy summer."

"The priority, in terms of where we spend the bulk of the cash, is on the footballing side.

"As well as the first team squad, we've got to balance what we do to maintain our EPPP Category One Academy status. We need to have capital expenditure on the playing side, although there is also a need to spend at Carrow Road.

"The other focus of Carrow Road is on generating money, working out how we maximise our revenue opportunities at the club. We have to spend money on Carrow Road every summer, but we're very careful on our budgeting in areas that aren't directly related to football."

"I'm certainly pleased with the season ticket situation.

"When we launched the campaign after Christmas, I said how happy I was with the sales. I don't take fans renewing for granted, I don't expect that to automatically happen.

"It's great fans have chosen to renew, particularly given the timing when it's fair to say this season we weren't performing desperately well. It's about maximising opportunity while providing value.

"We need to provide the product on the pitch, as well as other parts of the matchday experience, to make fans want to come to games and want to renew their season tickets. The biggest driver in all that is telling fans what we're doing.

"A crucial part of my role is taking fans on that journey because there has been a lot of change at the club in the past 12 months."

"We've got a plan, both on a formal and informal basis.

"At games, I always want to stop and answer questions as best I can. In terms of what we're trying to do as a club, I want to get that across.

"Our Board are fans and want the best for the club. I've got to be able to explain how that manifests itself in the decisions that we make and where we're going.

"I see that as a crucial part of the role, particularly in the next few months. We need to explain what we're doing."

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