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Canaries Bond: Interactive tour of Colney

14 March 2018

Thousands have already registered their interest in the Canaries Bond, and it opens for public investment on March 28. To give fans and those looking to invest an idea of how the money will be used, we’ve produced an interactive fly-through video of what the redevelopment of Colney will look like, and how it will help build our future. Take a look!

Norwich City’s vision is to become an established Premier League club, driven by its proud, passionate football community.

At the heart of this vision is a focus on producing more home-grown players. To do this, the Club must provide state-of-the-art academy facilities to recruit and develop top players at every level of the game.

The money raised by the Canaries Bond will be ring-fenced for investment in Colney and the building of state-of-the-art facilities, maintaining the Academy’s Category 1 status and enabling the Club to attract the best young players from the region and beyond.

The Canaries Bond is effectively a loan to the Club from its supporters and community. Seeking to raise £3.5m (with a maximum threshold of £5m), the Canaries Bond will return 8% interest per annum, comprised of 5% cash plus 3% Club Credit. Club Credit may be redeemed against regular individual matchday tickets, food & drink at Carrow Road kiosks, hospitality, Club events and at the Club Shop.

In addition to the 8% annual interest, the Canaries Bond also includes a 25% Promotion Bonus, should the Club be promoted to the Premier League within the five-year bond term.

The development of top players at every level of the game is fundamental to Norwich City’s long-term strategy. Investing in the Academy is critical to delivering this, and why the Canaries Bond is vital for the Norwich City’s future.

The Canaries Bond will open for public investment on March 28, and you can register at

Please note that investment in a security of this nature, being an illiquid investment, involves a substantial degree of risk and returns are not guaranteed. An explanation of the risks and the full terms and conditions can be found at Approved as a financial promotion by Tifosy Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (no. 717605).

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