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Norwich City submits Gender Pay Gap report for 2019

1 April 2019

Our vision is to be an established Premier League Club driven by our proud passionate football community. We recognise and embrace the diversity of this community and are committed to developing a culture of belonging and inclusion. Gender equality is a key part of our ongoing work to maximise equality and diversity across all areas of the Club.

This report includes information on the Club’s gender pay gap as required by law, together with additional information to provide useful background and context to the data.

Gender Representation at Norwich City FC
In April 2018, 37.2% of the Club’s employees were female and one woman sat on the Club Board.  Two out of nine members of our Senior Management Team were female (and since the change in structure within the Club, now one third of our Executive Committee is female).  We have an ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion at the Club.

Gender Pay
The gender pay gap analysis shows a continued gender pay gap, however this is due to the fact that as a Professional Football Club, our highest earners (the players) are all male and that we have a higher proportion of men in our senior roles (in particular football management/coaching and general management roles).  The Club is pleased to report that the gender pay gap has narrowed since April 2017 in respect of both pay and bonus.

A number of roles within the ‘playing’ side of the business are incentivised to receive a bonus dependent on performance in the league and cup matches. This contributed significantly to the bonus pay gap shown.  Nonetheless, the overall proportion of females receiving a bonus has significantly risen since April 2017 (from 16% to 36%).

Pay and Bonus Gap

Difference between Male and Female Employees
                        Mean                Median
Hourly Pay         67%                   6%
Bonus                90%                  35%

Proportion of Employees Receiving a Bonus
Female 36%
Male 42%

Pay Quartiles
      Lower      Lower-middle   Upper-middle      Upper 
M     58%            54%                   63%           76%    
F      42%            46%                   37%           24%    

Our Commitment
The Club has a continued commitment to reducing its gender pay gap and positive inroads have been made since the last report.  We do have to continue to acknowledge that the nature of professional football means that our highest earners are, and will continue to be, our players. Ongoing analysis of our pay and reward systems to ensure that men and women carrying out equal work are paid the same unless there is an objective, non-gender related reason for the difference (e.g. performance, greater experience or a higher level of qualification) remains a feature of the Club’s continued commitment to diversity and inclusion.

I confirm the data reported is accurate.

Zoe Ward
Business & Project Director

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