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Club supports 'Sing Up The River End' campaign

5 April 2019

A campaign to celebrate City’s loyal River End fans and encourage them to help raise the roof in Norwich’s remaining home matches has been launched by Archant in partnership with fan group Along Come Norwich.

The ‘Sing Up The River End’ campaign aims to boost the atmosphere even further around Carrow Road and replicate the amazing work carried out by Barclay End Norwich and Along Come Norwich in the Barclay stand this season, creating a buzz of noise and colour.

The campaign, which is supported by the Club and stand sponsor Regency Security, will be launched at Norwich’s match against Reading on Wednesday, April 10, with the hope of continuing the same atmosphere for the final two home games.

David Powles, Editor of Archant publications The Eastern Daily Press and Norwich Evening News, said: “There are two elements to the campaign. We are launching One City Strong, which is an overall call to arms to say we’ve got seven games to go, four of them at home, and this is the crunch time. So, we want people to think about the ways they can get behind the players to make a difference.

“Outside of Carrow Road we are asking people to turn the city yellow and green and make it so when the players are driving between Carrow Road and Colney that they see people are supporting them.

“And then inside the ground we wanted to look at what we could do to help improve the atmosphere even more as we know it makes a massive difference to the players and it can make a difference for helping them win the game.

“So next Wednesday we will be part of the drive to get the River End to sing up. It’s a brilliant place to sit but we know it’s not the most vocal part of the ground, so we want to see if we can do something to make them a bit noisier.

“If we can show the players we are all really behind them then maybe it will be the extra bit of strength they need to get us over the finish line because we all want Norwich City to be promoted this season.”

Plans for the Reading game include creating fan mosaics in both the lower Barclay and the lower Regency spelling out ‘City’ in the former and ‘OTBC’ in the latter when the players come out for kick-off, creating a colourful spectacle at both ends of the ground.

Gary Powers, Managing Director of Regency Security, said: “The flags and the singing at the Barclay end have been fantastic and I think if we can replicate that down the Regency end it will be amazing for the team and the fans.

“It’s brilliant to see one big team effort to push the team over the final part of the season and we wholeheartedly support it.”

Carrow Road floodlights.jpg

During the game the scoreboard will also flash up with ‘Sing up the River End’ and ‘Come on you Yellows’ at key points throughout the game, as used to happen at the ground in the 80s and 90s, to encourage fans to sing. In addition, fan group representatives from the Barclay will be joining the River End for this game to help get the singing started.

David Wiltshire, from Barclay End Norwich, said: “Working with Along Come Norwich we have really tried to transform the Barclay end this year and it’s about trying to push that forward and make it a wider project, not just for the River End but throughout the whole ground.

“We’ve got a responsibility as a fan base now to really get behind our group of players because they have given everything this year and they have put us in a position we could only dream of. It’s now about getting them over the line to really achieve the ultimate dream.”

The campaign is not just aimed at supporters in the River End and hopes to encourage all four sides of the stadium to make as much noise as they can and help the team to further success.

Head Coach Daniel Farke said: “The unity is key for us at Carrow Road and also on the road at the away games. More or less from week-to-week, the atmosphere at home games has been amazing. Hopefully it will end with a whole stadium full of flags and banners. 

“It’s so important that we make Carrow Road a fortress like we have done this season. It’s important in this crunch-time period of the season that we have our fans there to support us. It’s also important when we have some difficult moments in the next few games that our supporters are there with us and behind us because we all want to finish the season as successful as possible.”

Ben Kensell, City’s Chief Operating Officer, added: “The work that the fan groups have done in the Barclay this season has been phenomenal. I think the atmosphere in the ground has been instrumental to our good performances at home and away so for me it’s about small marginal games and if we can get that small percentage increase in noise and vibrancy around the stadium then we should.

“The campaign is focussing on the Regency Stand, but we want everyone to come together and I think the support we have got from Gary Powers at Regency and from Archant has been superb.”

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