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David Wright on Sunderland win and the festive schedule

16 December 2019

Following Norwich City Under-23s 3-1 win over Sunderland in the Premier League 2 Division 2 on Sunday afternoon, Head Coach David Wright was satisfied with the performance, saying the side have got a well-deserved break on the horizon.

“The performance was really good, we worked hard on playing against the diamond. We had a game plan which we put to the boys and worked on. I think for most of the game they did it really well and they got what they deserved because their performance levels were good, which was a win, but it should have been a lot more comfortable.

“I’m a bit disappointed with Sunderland's goal, because I think we should have been three or four up by then and the game should’ve been dead. Either way though, performance levels were good. The boys carried out the game plan and got what they deserved, which was a win and three points.”

2019 was filled with ups and downs for the U23s, something Wright acknowledges, saying there’s always improvements to be made in the team, but also amongst the coaching staff.

“The year’s been steady. At times it’s been one step forward, two back, if I’m being honest, but it’s a really young group. We’re a young Under-23s team compared to some of the teams we play against, that’s just what we do at this football club, so we’ve got to be patient with that.

“Also, in terms of the group being together is very young, there are a number of players who we signed in the summer who are still getting used to and developing a real understanding of how we play at this football club.

“With them two bits we’ve got to be patient to a certain extent, but I always want more, I always strive for being better, that’s not just for the players, that’s for myself and the staff as well. The year’s been mixed really. Happy with certain bits, need to be more patient with others, but there’s parts we really need to move forward with coming into the new year.”

Although 2019’s Premier League 2 schedule may be done and dusted, the young Canaries still have a week’s work to go in preparation for a friendly against League 2 side Colchester. Wright thinks a win against the side would be a perfect way to enter a deserved Christmas break.

“We’ve got a couple more training sessions, and then we’ve got a friendly against Colchester at the end of next week on Friday. We’re in for recovery on Monday, have a day off Tuesday then get back to work going into Colchester.

“We’re not quite ready for the Christmas break yet, because I like to keep developing and keep moving forward, I’d like to take this performance into the Colchester game and if we do so then we can have a nice Christmas break. The other side of Christmas we’ll come back and switch our heads on and make sure to hit the ground running.

“The boys will go away with their programme. They’ve got two drop-in days over Christmas as well, so we can keep an eye on them. They get a decent break, like I said, we’ve got some young boys in this very intense environment that we create. We’re very supportive, but it’s very intense, so some of them really need a break.

“They’ll have their programme, they’ll be fit when they come back and then we just prepare as we normally prepare. When they come back, we’ve got two games quite close together, Ipswich, which is a friendly, and then at the end of the month, Man United. So a nice break is needed before we get back into it.”

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