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Academy News

Academy players on being added to FIFA 20

11 April 2020

A few Norwich City Academy players were in for a surprise after they found themselves added in FIFA 20, as part of the latest squad update at the start of April.

Speaking to, the five lucky players spoke about their reaction to being in the game and if they, or anyone they know, has tried them in the game.

Josh Martin (First-team)

“My character isn’t the best, so I don’t really acknowledge it! It’s a great achievement to have though, saying that you’re in FIFA. I told my friends and some of my family and some of them even told me, so it’s a pretty cool thing to have.”

Saul Milovanovic (Under-23s)

“It’s a childhood dream to be on FIFA, I’ve been playing it since I was five, every year up until now, it’s just mad. If I told my seven-year-old self that I would’ve been in FIFA, he would’ve told me to shut up! All my mates have told me about it, it’s pretty funny and they’re all dead jealous!

“I haven’t had a chance to use him because when I found out, I was back up in Manchester and left my consoles in Norwich. When I get them back, I’ll definitely give him a go, I just hope he’s not rubbish!”

Tom Scully (Under-23s)

“It’s absolutely crazy being on FIFA, I’ve always played it since the age of six. Because it always used to come out on October 1, which is my birthday, I’d always be the first one to buy it, so that makes it a bit more special!

“Nick Hayes, my roommate who’s in the first-team told me. I was just in the living room, chilling out, when he ran in from his bedroom and said, ‘Look who’s on FIFA!’, I didn’t think it’d be me, but there I was, so it was a bit of a shock to the system!”

Gassan Ahadme (Under-23s)

“It feels satisfying to be on FIFA, it’s a game that everybody plays, everyone who likes football at some point has bought it to play in their free time. It’s great, because not all players can be on it, so it’s a good thing to be on!

“I have used him; I have to say that it’s great to play with your player in FIFA with big players around. All of my friends send me pictures about me on FIFA, in the beginning I didn’t know I was on there, my friends told me! It was a really good surprise.”

Tom Dickson-Peters (Under-18s)

“It’s quite exciting to be fair, growing up playing FIFA since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be on there and I finally am. It’s quite a unique feeling because not many people get that, hopefully I’ll be on more FIFA’s to come.

“I have actually tried to use my character, I played against Liverpool and got a hat-trick, so on my debut I’ll take that!

“There’s been quite a few people who’ve told me they’ve seen me in the game, it’s quite weird growing up playing the game with them and now I’m on it.”

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