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Day 12: Zimbo says... binge-watch Suits! 👔

28 April 2020

For day 12 of the #NCFC30DayChallenge, we asked Christoph Zimmermann for his Netflix recommendation for City fans to binge!

"I might be one of the last people you should ask what to watch on Netflix! The thing is, my wife is 39 weeks pregnant already so we're having some other worries at the moment. We're just hoping everything stays safe for when she goes into labour.

"Sometimes, when we watch Netflix, we're so far behind. We haven't really watched anything. What we're doing at the moment is watching Suits, which I enjoy, but I think the majority of people watched that about eight years ago!

"When it comes to that, not much advice from me."

Asked to elaborate on his interest in Suits, Zimmermann told us how the show's characters interest him, even if he doesn't always know what's going on!

"I don't understand everything in Suits," he said. "First of all, I think it's a bit complicated and it's not in my mother tongue, so that doesn't make it easier, but the cases they have are quite interesting.

"Everything that's going on behind the scenes with the personal relationships and who pulls the strings; who reacts and sets up traps for others to step in - I like that sort of thing.

"They sometimes develop very complicated plans to get what they want and obviously the relations between the characters - the personal component - I think is done quite well. Yeah, I like New York so that's another bonus!"

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