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Grant Hanley: You have to appreciate the time with your family

5 April 2020

Despite all sporting events being on hold during the UK’s nationwide lockdown, Norwich City captain Grant Hanley is trying to focus on the positives of not being able to play football.

“We train a lot and we’re away every other weekend with football, so you’ve got to appreciate being able to spend time with your family,” he told this week.

“It’s strange. It’s obviously a situation none of us have been in before as a whole. As a footballer, it’s kind of weird. Whenever you get time off like this, it’s normally in the summer and you’re going on holiday, but now you’re in the house and there’s nothing you can do apart from trying to keep yourself busy.

“I’m doing alright, but it’s about trying to get a bit of structure – getting out of bed early in the morning and doing the programmes we’ve been sent by the club to keep ourselves fit – I think that helps me personally.

“If I get out of bed early and do a bit of exercise, it kind of sets you up for the day and you feel better for doing it.”

Grant-Hanley-111 Cropped.png

Asked how he’s been spending his time outside of keeping his body in shape, Grant says he’s been making progress on a few projects in the Hanley household.

“I think I’ve cut my grass about 375 times in the last two weeks! I’ve power-washed everything, but there’s only so much of that you can do – just little odd jobs like that around the house that need doing.

“Clearing cupboards out and getting rid of old stuff you’ve kept but don’t need – things like that. To be honest, my missus is quite enjoying it. She’s six months pregnant now so starting to get a bit uncomfortable, so it’s quite nice for her to have me to give her a bit of help around the house at the moment.”

As for one of his other hobbies – golf – the sport would be slightly easier to play were it not for his energetic canine!

“I’ve got two dogs and the youngest one is absolutely nuts! If there’s a ball anywhere it will go off his head, so it’s a bit tough. It’s been a bit windy as well. I’m waiting for the weather to calm down a bit, but I think my garden’s big enough to practice a bit of pitching when that happens!”

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