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Josh Martin: I want to make my debut and the break doesn’t change that

5 April 2020

As the national postponement of sporting events continues, Norwich City midfielder Josh Martin looks back on his rapid development over the months, saying he looks to make his debut next.

Speaking on his very first training session with the first-team two months ago, the young midfielder said:

“I remember I was excited, because it came from nothing, I got told the morning of the session I was training with the first-team that day.

"I was also a bit nervous, going into that environment but then after getting into it and warming up I found myself quite comfortable.”

Asked about his quick development as a player, Martin revealed he only joined the Under-23s in September, before swiftly moving onto joining the first-team.

“For me, everything changed from the Oxford game back in September. That was my first game with the Under-23s, in the Trophy. That was my changing point, that’s when I started to get recognition for my work in the Under-23s.

“Being with the Under-23s boosted me a lot to get where I am. Going into that FA Youth Cup game against Newcastle, I was confident because I’d already played with a much older age group for three or four months.

“After all that, I definitely see myself as a better player, especially after being with the first-team for two months.

“Being around some of the players makes you see football differently; you play more relaxed but at a much higher intensity. For me, it’s about how my mindset has changed and how I perceive things.”

Looking ahead to his future with the first-team, Martin seemed insistent on getting his debut sooner rather than later.

“I want to make my debut and the break doesn’t change that. If anything, it gives me the chance to work harder than my teammates and come back into the season ahead of them.

“I’m spending a lot of time working on my body and improving my technical ability as much as I can for when we return.”

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