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Shae Hutchinson on his 12-week self-isolation period

8 April 2020

Norwich City Academy’s Shae Hutchinson says he’s doing his best to keep himself busy in self-isolation, as he approaches week four of 12 in his social distancing measures.

He suffers from Alport Syndrome, meaning he must stay indoors and self-isolate for a 12-week period, as he is at high risk of catching the coronavirus.

Speaking on how his isolation is going so far, Hutchinson was optimistic, saying he’s doing what he can to pass the time.

“It’s alright, I’m just trying to keep myself occupied. I’m doing workouts at home, playing a bit of Playstation, watching TV, watching movies on Netflix and Disney+.

“It’s different for sure, it’s hard. It’s not like our normal lives where we’re active outside every day. Being inside is quite boring, but I’m really just trying to make the most of it.

“It’s not a great thing, it was quite hard to hear I had to be inside and self-isolating for 12 weeks, it’s quite a long time. Like I said, I’m just going to keep myself occupied and keep doing my workouts.

“The group have got this app called Zoom, where the group go in to do activation things on a day-to-day basis. It’s going to be hard, but I’m sure I’ll make the most of it.”

Due to the pandemic and consequent lockdown, Hutchinson says his route to finding a donor for a kidney transplant has been setback and is only going to leave him waiting more the longer it continues.

“Seeing people breaking the rules is hard for people like me that need kidney transplants, as it’s getting delayed. I was meant to find out this month if I had a donor, but it’s been postponed, so I don’t know when I’m going to find a match.

“Due to the virus, it’s harder for us as we have to always stay in as our immune systems are low. People going out isn’t good for us either, as it means it could go on for longer, it would have more of an effect on us and our transplants.”

However, he says he’s getting all the support he can from the Club, as well as a surprise fan.

“I’ve had massive support from the Club, I got sent that Thierry Henry video from the Club, they’re doing as much as they can for me. I’m getting text messages and calls from both the staff and players, so it’s really nice to have.”

Asked about the video, Hutchinson elaborated on his excitement, saying the message from the Premier League legend is helping him get through these unprecedented times.

“It was amazing, Thierry Henry is my idol. He coached me a bit when I was going through the Arsenal Academy at about the under-14s or under-13s. Seeing that video made me so happy, I look up to him, he’s a football legend. It’s so good to have that video.

“I got to watch games at Highbury Stadium when I was young, watched Henry play growing up as an Arsenal fan, and like I said earlier, I was given the opportunity to be coached by him when I played for Arsenal. When I got the video message from him, it was most definitely uplifting, especially through this difficult time.”

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