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Under-23s defender Caleb Richards publishes a meat-free diet guide

28 April 2020

Under-23s defender Caleb Richards has published an e-book on an athlete’s guide to switching to a meat-free diet.

Titled ‘Transition’, the book contains several chapters on different aspects and viewpoints surrounding the diet, and also looks at the variety of athletes who follow a meat-free diet.

Richards introduced the book to "The book is about an athlete’s transition to a meat-free diet. It doesn’t have to be vegan, it can be vegetarian, but just no meat is involved, because that’s what I’m doing.

“It’s got different chapters on misconceptions people have, a four-week plan, different athletes who follow a meat-free diet, then a couple recipes as well!”

Speaking on the process of writing this book as a loanee at Yeovil Town, Richards said he wanted to use his spare time positively, so just started jotting down points about his diet.

“I don’t really know where I got the idea to write it from! I was obviously following the diet, seeing results and benefits. When I was down in Yeovil, there’s not much to do down there, so I was using my time in a positive way and thought I’d write about it!

“I’ve never done anything like that before, and English wasn’t really my favourite subject in school, but I quite enjoyed it!

“I was just writing down points I wanted to get across first and then trying to put it into different paragraphs and chapters, separating it out. After I was really getting into it and put it on an actual e-book platform.

“I’m not sure what I’d write about, but if anything came to my mind, I might do it again!”

Asked about his personal transition to the diet, Richards explained that the experience of trying new things made it more enjoyable than a task.

“I did it with a couple of the lads in the Under-23s, in January we were all eating meat-free a couple days a week and just seeing how it was.

“The food at Norwich is really good and they have a lot of vegan options, but then at night you have to obviously cook for yourself. I found it fun more than difficult, because you’ve got to make new things and try new dishes.

“Overall it was more fun than challenging, I thought I’d feel tired and hungry, just different as I transitioned over, but it was kind of easy!”

“It was just after Christmas, we were all saying we’d try it as a New Year’s resolution, so we all tried around that time, it helped Norwich were providing those vegan options, I think I’m the only one still going with it.”

Detailing his personal findings with the diet, Richards says he’s feeling more energetic in his daily life, but the changes in football are the big hitters.

“I feel like in everyday life I’m quite an energetic person anyway, so I just feel that bit more productive. I don’t think I’d have written a book if I wasn’t feeling that way, I’d have got bored halfway through! But, in football I’ve definitely gotten faster, fitter and stronger because of it.”

“I don’t think I’ll go back to eating meat any time soon, but I saw that Lionel Messi eats plant-based in the season, then in the off-season he goes back to eating meat.

“I said to myself I might eat meat in the off-season, with it being summer, I can go to a few barbecues, but I don’t even feel like I want it anymore. I don’t think I need it!”

Richards' book 'Transition' can be purchased HERE. The book contains four different price points starting from £4 and 25% of all profits go to the NHS fund.

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