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"We just try to keep people happy" - loader Jamie Maund

28 August 2020

We recently invited a selection of key workers to Carrow Road to help launch our 2020-21 away kit, and spoke to them about how they've supported the local community over the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jamie Maund is a loader for Biffa, and has helped keep spirits up in the local community while at work. How have you been supporting the community over the pandemic? 

JM: By non-stop working, making sure everyone’s rubbish is gone, just making sure we keep a smile on our face and try keep people happy. There must’ve been more to deal with? 

JM: The increase of the amount of rubbish has nearly doubled since the pandemic started and we’ve carried on as if it’s a normal thing, just getting rid of it! You mentioned keeping spirits up, you must see a lot of people when out and about? 

JM: On a day-to-day basis you’re always seeing different people, you’ve got kids waving out the window excited to see you. You’ve just got to keep a smile on your face and do what you do best, get rid of all the rubbish! What was your reaction when you were asked to come to the kit shoot at Carrow Road? 

JM: I was really happy, I’ve supported Norwich City all my life and I’ve followed them around the country when we were in the Premier League last time, so that’s been a really nice thing to do! What’s some of your memorable away days? 

JM: When we went to Wembley and beat Middlesbrough 2-0 in the final, that was incredible, you can’t ask for anything better, the atmosphere was amazing. How do you think we’ll get on next season? 

JM: In all fairness, I hope we can do well, but at the end of the day the Club’s financial situation is better to be steady than to be spending over means you haven’t got. I’m just hoping for the best really!

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