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"We can brighten someone's day" - postman Chad Blythe

28 August 2020

We recently invited a selection of key workers to Carrow Road to help launch our 2020-21 away kit, and spoke to them about how they've supported the local community over the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chad Blythe is a postman for the Royal Mail and has seen his workload affected by an increase in people working from home over the last few months. How have you supported the community over the pandemic?

CB: Throughout the pandemic, we've been carrying on as normal, but we have been busier. With self-isolation, sometimes we're the only people that people see on a daily occurence. So an important part of the job is to help keep spirits up at the moment.

CB: Yes it is. Seeing people on a daily occurence for a little stop and a chat in this dark time can brighten someone's day. How has it affected your work then?

CB: Our work has slightly changed because we've split shifts, so half of the office come in at a different time to the other half. That's the main change and with the distancing we all now go out in a van on our own instead of two in a van. The core aspect of the job hasn't changed. What was your response to being invited to the kit shoot?

CB: Quite excited. I've followed Norwich City through the highs and lows for many years, so I thought it would be quite a fun thing to do. It's a nice kit. I think Norwich will do better next season, it will be a bit more entertaining with a few more games to watch.

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