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Academy News

Academy player gives mental health presentation

6 February 2020

Norwich City Under-15s player Finan gave a presentation on mental health and wellbeing to a group of U14s and U13s on Thursday evening.

The presentation contained a variety of information surrounding mental health such as real-life examples in the sport of football, as well as statistics into mental illness and how to combat it.

Finan says he based the presentation on his own experiences with mental health and wanted to help raise awareness.

“I based it off my own experience, presenting it in school trying to make a change to so many people in my school and try to translate that into football.

“It’s a sport we all play and love so I just wanted to change part of it and make sure everyone is alright, or as many people as possible.”

“Children’s mental health week means a lot to me, because growing up as a kid I battled with mental health over so many different circumstances.

“This week in the year is especially important to me to reflect on past experiences and home in on my feelings, but also to help other people with their feelings and try help them in the best way I can.”

“I think in the modern game it’s evolving so quickly that it’s hard to keep up, the Premier League and the FA do so much as the moment to encourage players to speak out.

“I think there’s always room for more players, especially young players with the training and stresses they face, to talk. I think it’s important that everyone who plays football has a right to speak out about their issues because each and every one of them is unique.”

FP & YDP Player Care Manager Carys Dalton was impressed with Finan’s presentation, stressing how important it was in encapsulating the trials and tribulations of football.

“I think that meant the absolute world to me, to see an Under-15s player be so passionate and motivated by mental health is unbelievable.

“Finan was very confident in his presentation and very aware of how mental health can be a challenge and how football can, not only be a positive, but a negative in affecting mental health. The way he engaged with his audience is fantastic, he’s a real credit to the Club.”

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