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Timm Klose on a potential return from long-term injury

25 February 2020

After attending the Norwich City Fan Hub for a signing session on Friday, Timm Klose said it’s a great way for him to connect with supporters whilst on the treatment table.

Klose, 31, has endured an injury-hit season after damaging knee ligaments in the Carabao Cup defeat at Crawley Town in August.

However, he's kept himself busy during his recovery and joined Lukas Rupp and Kenny McLean at the Fan Hub signing session last week.

He said: “The one-on-one with fans is always a nice way to explain things, it’s harder via social media to tell them how far away you are or how the situation is.

“Once you meet them in person you can explain a bit better what the situation looks like and what stage I’m at. It was a fantastic event today and I really enjoyed the hour and hope they did as well.”

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Speaking more on his injury, Klose says it’s been a tough time to miss most of the Premier League return, especially after nursing two successive injuries in such a short period.

“I’d be lying if I told you that it’s a very easy thing to do, to be sidelined, because obviously I want to be out there and help them on the pitch. That’s why I’m a football player, I want to play football. I want to be out there on the pitch and compete against the best teams in the world.

“Obviously, sometimes you have to sit down and reflect on the situation. I’ve had a tough year now with two injuries, right after each other and on the same knee. Sometimes that’s just the luck of a football player.”

Despite the setbacks, Klose insists he remained positive throughout the rehabilitation, supporting his fellow teammates whenever he can off the pitch.

“I think it was important for me that my mindset was quite positive. I had a few days where I was angry and frustrated or negative, but after that I tried to get up again and help them on the sideline and help as much as I can, be there to listen to them.

“If they had an issue, I’d encourage them to go out there again and perform on a day-to-day basis to get good results and maybe more points.


“It’s always hard to criticise someone and say maybe ‘you should’ve done that better’, that’s not my place to say, or that’s not for me to be so negative, I’m always positive. That’s what they should take into the next week or training session, whatever they need.”

Although it’s fulfilling to support the team without setting a foot on the pitch, Klose has revealed it’s still tough for him to watch the team play, desperate to get involved.

“It’s hard to watch, I’m still a football player, I want to get involved. If I watch the game on the sideline, I’m actually more frustrated than when I’m on the pitch! I’m more nervous. It’s that kind of feeling where you are frustrated because we’re not winning, or when we are winning, I’m more nervous because I hope they get the result at the end of the game.

“I think that’s the difference between being on the sideline and on the pitch, because when I’m on the pitch I’m calm. I don’t know why! My injury was a good period to learn things and just grow as a person again.”

Finally, providing an injury update, Klose believes he’ll be back in training soon enough, then it’s just a matter of time before he’s back in the matchday squads.

Speaking on Friday, he said: “I’m very happy with my injury, it’s gone! I think we’re looking at coming back next week. Hopefully next week I’m back in training with the squad, then we’ll see if I can get some games in.

“In my head I’d love to play the Leicester game, but our medical department is very smart, they know exactly how to deal with me to make sure I’m strong enough to not break down when I’m out there again. Sometimes they have to hold me back, but I’ll push as hard as I can.”

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