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“He is very professional with a great work ethic” - The Polish view on Przemyslaw Placheta

23 July 2020

Polish winger Przemyslaw Placheta was confirmed as a Norwich City player on Wednesday after signing from Slask Wroclaw.

To better understand the type of player Placheta is, we spoke to Polish football journalist Tomasz Cwiakala of Canal+ TV, who has been watching the 22-year-old for the last season. 

“I have seen a lot of his matches,” Cwiakala said. Hwas one of the best players of the Polish league last seasonWe can also say he is one of the rookies of the year, because he didn’t play before in the highest level in Ekstraklasa [Poland’s top-flight], but this season was very good for him.  

Off the pitch he is very professional with a great work ethic. For me, he’s an example of the new generation of Polish football players, where everyone wants to be like Robert Lewandowski, everyone is very professional, they take care of each other, they do a lot of work off the pitch. I think you can be sure that he won’t be a problem at all. 

JASONPIX_041_Przemysław Płacheta.jpg

Asked for a bit more detail on the attributes Placheta will bring to the Championship, Cwiakala touched more on his versatility and speed. 

I can assure you Placheta is the quickest of our league, he broke the record. His speed is his biggest weapon and he can play as a left-winger or right-winger. When he plays on the right, he’s a false winger because he is left-footed.  

He’s quite versatile, so you can even use him as a left-back. In my opinion, he made huge progress this season, at the beginning he was relying a lot on his speed, but over the months and by the end of the season he played very well with the ball at his feet. I think he’s on a good path and we can see that in his style of play.” 

Speaking on his future, Cwiakala says the winger has potential to be a great player, his biggest asset being his sprints. 

“I think he has a lot of potential, his huge advantage is his genetics, it’s his physical preparation and fitness.

JASONPIX_083_Przemysław Płacheta.jpg

What he lacked at the beginning were some typical football decisions, but he has played really well, he has become a much better football player. The most important thing about Placheta which shows the difference between him and other players of our league, is he does a lot of sprints and is the best at them.  

He does the most the most sprints per game in the whole league and it’s a big difference between Placheta and the second-placed player. He is already at the level of the Championship.” 

Finally, discussing the move to England, Cwiakala believes that spending any more time in the Ekstraklasa would’ve been a waste of Placheta’s talent. 

“It’s a smart choice for him, during the last games he showed himself to be at a really high level. I think if he chose to spend more time in the Polish league it wouldn’t be good for him and he would be too expensive for the biggest Polish clubs like Legia Warsaw, so I think he made a smart choice.  

I speak highly of him because of his work ethic, I think if he sees some disadvantages in his play, he will improve it. He improved a lot, but he’ll still have to work a lot to make sure he becomes Premier League level.  

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