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Jamal Lewis: It’s about doing it for the fans

8 July 2020

Jamal Lewis says that the Norwich City first-team are focusing on delivering performances for the fans as they enter the last four games of the season.

After suffering a comeback defeat against Watford on Tuesday evening, the City left-back said the team were left wanting more after the loss.

“Collectively and individually we are really disappointed," he said. "We felt like we had a solid performance, but at this level that’s the bare minimum to get points.

“We thought for majority of the game we defended well and created some chances; we had a real sour taste in our mouth after the game.

“We looked at the goals and where we could’ve prevented them, there’s small positives to take, but at the end of the day we really needed the three points.”

Speaking on the rest of the season, Lewis said that the remainder of the campign is now focused on delivering for the fans and showing pride on the pitch.

“I think almost all the games we’ve played coming back have been 'must win' games. We’re bottom of the table and we’ve failed to put points on the board, which is obviously disappointing, we expected to restart better than that.

“I think from here on out and from the restart, it’s about pride, doing it for the fans and the club.

“We just want to put in performances and hopefully the results will come, we looked back at the minor things we could’ve tweaked, but overall the manager said he was happy with the performance.”

Asked how the team could improve their performances and seal the points they’ve deserved this season, Lewis said it’s still a target to create complete performances on both ends of the pitch.

“We just have to play with freedom and be good in both boxes, defend well. Sometimes we do one or the other, we defend well and don’t create enough chances up top or we have a good game up top and don’t defend well.

“It’s about putting all those aspects together and coming with a complete performance, we don’t want to end the season with no wins or no points after the restart, that’s our main objective right now.”

Finally, reflecting on the season so far, the left-back says he is proud to have played in some of City’s brightest moments of this campaign.

“There’s been some real good moments for us, we’ve come out of games where we’ve felt like we deserved points and had real great team performances.

“Earlier on in the year when things were going a bit more in our way and we were a bit more confident, there’s some great moments there.

“We haven’t had many in the latter half of the season, but there’s been some great moments to be proud to be a part of.”

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