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Academy players reflect on pandemic in mental health check-up

22 June 2020

Last week was men’s mental health week, an important week in tackling the stigma against mental wellbeing in men.

Norwich City’s Under-23s were actively breaking the stigma after they participated in a mental health check-up with the Club’s player care staff last Wednesday and Friday.

Split into three groups of anywhere between four to seven players, each group was individualised to suit those in them.

Whilst check-ups are regular and thorough, the players experienced a varied way of looking at their mental health when they were told to ask each other questions, rather than answer those given strictly from the staff.

Quick to adapt to the task, the players asked each other detailed questions about their time in the pandemic, such as how they dealt with transitioning to being back home and the biggest changes in their lives outside of football.

Honest in their answers when addressing issues like boredom and the desire to get back into training, the players helped each other realise and address issues independently, with the support of the staff in the background.

It was also revealed that within both the U18s and U23s there will be the opportunity for players to volunteer to be trained as mental health ambassadors for their teammates in the near future, with more details to follow.

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