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Academy News

Jamal Lewis features in Academy Q&A session

9 June 2020

Norwich City left-back Jamal Lewis joined the Academy as a guest in a question and answer session last week, giving his advice to the next generation on how to progress in the sport.

After City legend Grant Holt had previously featured, talking about his career and the decisions he made, Lewis provided a new perspective to the young Canaries, one of a current player.

Being quizzed on everything from his preparations for a game, to how he kept busy without football, the Under-16s and Under-17s made full use of their time with the first-team star.

Lewis made sure to provide particular emphasis to questions on developing at City from a young age, including how he adapted to life under house parents away from his hometown of Luton, as well as the details of hard work he put in to make it to the first-team squad.

“I knew I worked harder than everyone else, I’m quite proud of that. I think it’s the detail I went into, I knew how to work hard and how to work smarter than anyone else. It was never just doing something for no reason.

“I’d look at the left-backs in the Premier League, look at the left-backs in the Norwich first-team and think of what they were doing that I wasn’t.”

“It’s also about taking ownership too, not even just in football, in day-to-day life there’s a lot of people out there who want to blame other people. For me personally, I look at what I can do myself before blaming other people and take ownership of the situation.

“There was obviously something I wasn’t doing in that moment to be in the first-team, so I let myself adjust and work on those things and repeat that, I think repetition is very important. Eventually it comes together, as it did for me.”

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