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Community Hero - May 24

24 May 2020

Norwich City is delighted to highlight our eighth weekly Community Hero, showcasing the story of those special individuals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Julia Hunt retired from her role as director of nursing at the James Paget University Hospital for just 24 hours before making a courageous decision to return to work to support her NHS team through the coronavirus pandemic.

Since returning to work after only a day of retirement, Julia has taken up a new role as director of infection, prevention and control - playing a vital part in managing how the hospital copes with the outbreak, while also providing key support for staff.

“There was never no question of not returning back to work because when you have belonged to a team for so long, you are not going to walk away from your colleagues and friends when they need you most.

“I am a small part in a big team, made up of many incredible people. My new Covid-19 response role has been to help educate the staff and support them in a time which is of great anxiety for everybody,” said Julia.

Julia who was born in Great Yarmouth, joined the James Paget University hospital in 1988 and has worked  many vital roles in providing care for patients.

“The NHS has changed since I started my career but the essence of being a nurse has not changed in the respects of wanting to be part of a team and to help people.

“Often, we talk about the doctors and nurses, but the team is so much wider than that. We simply cannot do our job without the people behind the scenes such as those who prepare the food for patients, clean the areas, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and many more,” Julia added.

To show appreciation for key workers and NHS staff helping to fight the pandemic, clap for our carers takes place every Thursday at 8pm, seeing the nation break into applause which Julia describes as “immensely humble.”

“It has been incredible and very emotional to see the public declare their love for the NHS during this difficult period. We feel immensely humble when people are applauding outside the hospital, I can’t say how proud we feel.”

For the upcoming period the club would like to highlight a special Community Hero each week, championing the story of those special individuals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty during these challenging times.

There are no restrictions as to who can nominate or be nominated. If there is anyone that you think deserves special recognition, whether the individual works in the emergency services, is a carer or charity champion - nominate someone by filling in the form today

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