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Long hair, FIFA and Todd dancing – Lewis discusses teammates during lockdown

31 May 2020

Jamal Lewis spoke to the media about all things football on Friday morning. After the interview, he was asked a series of questions about his Norwich City teammates during lockdown, and here are his responses!

To view the original interview, including Lewis’ thoughts on football returning and the end of season run-in, click here.

Who’s been trying to impress the manager the most since training has been back on?

JL: Todd’s looking pretty good. I wouldn’t say he’s trying to impress the manager more than anyone else, but he’s been doing a lot of ball work during the break, so he’s looking good!

Everyone has really put the work in and looks fit and is ready to go so I’m impressed.

Who has the best hair despite not getting it cut?

JL: Tom Trybull’s got something going on with his lockdown hairstyle. He’s grown out the sides a little bit. I think it’s a 60s look or something. I like it, a nice little slick back on the top and sides! It might come off once the barber shops open, but I think he rocks the look quite well.

My hair is not too bad. I’m not entirely happy about it but I’m hanging in there. Quite a few have let their partners cut their hair. They were quite apprehensive about it, but you get to the two-month mark when it needs to get sorted out or you’re not going to be recognisable!

hanley vocal (1).jpg

Who has been the most vocal in the team WhatsApp group?

JL: Grant is our captain so he’s quite vocal. Sometimes it’s information. Other times it’s silly stuff. We did group Zoom classes together as a squad, so I’ve seen everyone but there are a few – including me – who like to be alone. I might give a little ‘hi’ in the Zoom class and then be in my own element.

Has anyone picked up any new hobbies?

JL: Todd is a dancer now, apparently. I’ve seen it on his Instagram and he’s a part-time dancer. If you follow him on there you’ll know what I’m talking about. Everyone has been on social media a lot. When I look at my screen time I’m appalled, and I consider myself quite productive! You have that extra time in the day to be scrolling through social media.

Who has been the best on FIFA 20?

JL: Max thinks he’s up there on FIFA. Max and Todd had a game on the Norwich City Twitch and Todd won, so I’d probably consider him the best at FIFA. They’ve spent way too much time on that! I’m ok at it. I was better maybe four years ago, but I leave it to the pros now.

Which Norwich City teammates would you most and least want to isolate with?

JL: It would have to be someone clean and sensible. I’d probably go for Mario Vrancic. He’s clean and a nice guy. I look after the other young players, but Adam Idah would drive me crazy. He’s a bit messy so I would feel like a dad telling him what to do.

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