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Onel Hernandez: We want the three points before the break

2 October 2020

Norwich City winger Onel Hernandez believes the competition for places in Daniel Farke’s squad is keeping everyone on their toes ahead of Saturday’s game against Derby County.

The Cuban sat down with on Thursday afternoon to discuss the season so far, being prepared for Derby, and even the prospect of sharing a room with Tim Krul! We’ve had a mixed bag of results in our opening three games of the season. What have you made of our start to the campaign?

OH: I would say it was definitely a great start, but of course with the last game, Bournemouth away, it was not the result that we really wanted and I think we deserved a little bit more. From the points, I think we had a good start to the season. There was plenty to be encouraged by, particularly in the second half of that Bournemouth game. What were your main takeaways from that match?

OH: For me, it was definitely one of our best games so far. We came back to our old ways a little bit and tried a lot to play from behind. We take the confidence into the next game against Derby now.

onel v bournemouth.jpg What are the key things we’ve learned from the first three games of the season?

OH: That it’s definitely not easy in the Championship! Everything can happen, and goals in very late minutes are possible, so it’s not easy. How has the summer been for you, with plenty of faces coming and going?

OH: Yeah, we’ve had a lot of new faces here and they’re all very great guys. Some of them, like me when I came to the country, they need a little bit of time. We say to Przemyslaw, it’s a difficult situation to learn the language and everything, but he’s a very good player and has good speed. It takes a bit of time but every one of them are great guys. How do you help the new guys settle in?

OH: We do a lot with them. Przemyslaw speaks German so we help him in some ways. We help players when they have days off and are free from the training ground.

pp v bourney.jpg There are a lot of attacking options, and there’s competition for places in the squad.

OH: Definitely, there’s a lot of competition which is very good to see because in football you really need it. Everyone is a little bit under pressure and knows he has to deliver, and that’s why it’s a good thing. Derby haven’t had the best start to the season, but you can’t underestimate anyone in this league can you?

OH: That’s true. Every game is different and it’s a difficult league. Everyone can beat everyone and we have to focus on our things. We know what we want to do and it will definitely not be an easy task, but if we do what we know we can, then we will hopefully win. What do you remember of the crazy match when Derby last came to Carrow Road?

OH: The lights went out! We came out and they scored the goal, so this was, I don’t want to say it, but a horrible situation. I think Lampard was there at the time and it was one of the worst games. It was a good game but at the end it wasn’t a fair result for us.

pukki derby goal.jpg With the international break around the corner, how important is it to get the win and go into that with high spirits?

OH: Definitely, we want the win and then it’s the international break. We want the three points at home. On an unrelated note, Tim Krul said last week that you’re the last person he’d share a room with, so here’s the right to reply!

OH: Ah, yeah. Everyone has an opinion and I think I would be a great room partner because I could entertain you always. I don’t know what went wrong with Tim on that day, maybe he woke up with the wrong step first. I don’t have anything bad to say against him, he’s a great guy and I love him and that’s all it is. Maybe for the next away trip you two will be sharing a room?

OH: I hope so. I’ll try my best to tell Jonny, our man who organises the rooms, that he lets me in a room with him, and then I will show him that it’s not so bad.

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