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Voting now closed for official supporter panel

26 April 2021

Voting is now CLOSED for the first-ever official supporters panel at Norwich City!

The club received hundreds of applications and, following internal discussions, have whittled them down to the shortlist below.

It's now your opportunity to vote for who you'd like to feature on a panel which will aim to provide open, honest, transparent and independent dialogue between the club and fans on all non football related issues.

The shortlist is below:

Adam Buffin
"I feel that I would be a strong addition to the supporters panel due to my understanding of keeping the younger audience engaged. I was lucky enough to get my first season ticket at the age of 13 and have been supporting Norwich City ever since. I feel that my experience from growing up with the club and being involved in multiple events and schemes at a young age would add great value to the continued growth of the younger generation supporters. 

Adam Durrant
"I'm a young fan who has supported the club for all my life. I also volunteer as a matchday buddy and know several disabled supporters club members meaning I can gain their feedback on any issues to report back to the panel. On top of this, I am studying a football-based degree that gives me additional insight from other sources.”

Bev Burkill
"I regularly attend events held at the club including those online and participate on football related shows on BBC Radio Norfolk. I believe football should encourage diversity, fairness and equality and love the way our club embraces and interacts with the fans and community. I’m not special or unique, just a very passionate fan and love the club. The club and football family gave me the confidence to attend games both home and away on my own, something I would never have considered a few years ago when my mental health suffered through grief of losing my dad. I consider the football club to be a huge lifeline for so many fans for many reasons.

Brian Folkard
"I have been a season ticket holder for over 30 years and have followed City home and away for the many ups and downs that this brings. I was pleased to be involved in the consultation regarding memberships and at both meetings was able to put forward proposals and areas for discussion. I enjoy working on projects and enjoy problem solving and also look at the position from both sides. I feel that I could make a positive contribution to this group and help move the club further.

Cillian O'Grady
I've been a supporter of Norwich City for over 30 years and have made many trips from Ireland to Carrow Road to support the team. Despite the success of the team, I feel Norwich needs more publicity in international markets and Ireland in particular. I work in social media and I think I can bring expertise to the table in helping Norwich connect more effectively with fans and potential fans through the medium. I am also a member of the executive diversity, equity and inclusion team at the company I work for. 

Dieter Coulson
I served in the RAF for 22 years and have served all over the world, following Norwich throughout (although unable to attend games when away). I have worked with people from all backgrounds successfully and consider myself a team player. I would love the opportunity to help develop my club for the future and feel passionately that if all elements of the club; players, coaches, fans, board members and local businesses work together we could be a unique and very successful team moving forward.

Emily Wilford
Primarily, I would like to represent the large body of fans that are hugely invested in the club but don't have a season ticket. I would like to bring ideas to the club about how they can continue to engage with these fans, allow them to feel they have a voice directly with the club, despite their absence at Carrow Road. I am also a woman, and football experiences can be vastly different, from representation within the industry, as well as matchday experience, retail options, and facilities. I think it's important that women and girls have a direct voice in the club, represented by a woman who understands their experiences.

Gordon Anderson
Originally from Edinburgh, I have had Norwich City in my blood for over 40 years. I follow City home and away and I have a good understanding of what both the fans want and the club wants. I spent many years on the non-league scene, having been a chairman of a successful non league club (3 Wembley finals). I'm a family man with strong values.

Grant Stearman
I think I would be great for the panel because I have some great ideas and I'm honest. I'm a vegetarian which I believe is an area the club could really improve on, especially on match days. I'm a big believer in equality for all, no matter what race, sexuality or gender and I believe this is a huge area that every club needs to improve on, even though our club is amazing in this area.

James Blower
I think I'm able to bring a different perspective to the panel: my day job is running a business where I have to go in to often very difficult situations. I'm tasked with cutting through the noise to get to the heart of an issue. 
My job also means I have to be very sensitive of peoples feelings, deliver uncomfortable messages and often be the sole voice raising issues While I love our club as much as any supporter, I don't get caught up in the emotional tribalism that exists between some groups of fans. I've also learned a lot from my father Roy, who was for many decades a leading voice of fans at the club in various roles.

James Brighton
I have been a season ticket holder since 2004, when the new South Stand/Jarrold Stand was opened, and I've been attending games since 1996. I go to games with my Dad, and now have two young children myself - who I want to be able to enjoy going to games in the future. My life changed last year when I was diagnosed with cancer (fortunately it was caught early and all the signs are good so far), and it has put a lot of things into perspective - I want to help to build the future of the club for my sons, and also for all future fans, so they can enjoy what I have over the last 25 years.

James Wyatt
I’m an avid 19 year old fan who has visited 43/92 EFL stadiums. I have travelled across Europe  to visit some of the best stadiums. I have a great knowledge of football, and a very good idea as to how football clubs (most notably, ours) are run. As a member of all main social media platforms, following many Norwich City related accounts, groups and forums, I have a good idea as to how fans express gratitude, their concerns and ideas. In my opinion, I would be a great addition to this panel!

Johnathon Byrne
I'm a lifelong supporter of the club and a season ticket holder - I see Carrow Road as my second home. I am a wheelchair user and seated at the bottom of the South Stand. I have a lot of experience in being on a panel. I served on on the O2 Arena disability panel. I have recently graduated from my degree in animal science at UEA. I feel that I would make a good panel member because I am a very open minded person, I'm a good listener and enjoy working with others.

Jon Myhill
I have been a supporter of the club all my life, but only until last year did I manage to get myself a season ticket. I have two young children, my son attends the Community Sports Foundation's 'mini kickers 'on the weekend at Carrow Park. We have two season tickets in the family, so looking forward to bringing him to games - I think for any club, supporting and encouraging the younger generation to embrace the experience is key. I will bring a passionate voice to the table and a considerate one!

Marie Fuller
I have supported the club since I was a child (my brother used to bring me to matches). I moved to London after university but still went to matches when I could and after relocating back to Norwich, I'm now a season ticket holder. In my day job, I run a PR business and understand the importance of communication, which is something I think the club does really well but it doesn't hurt to improve! Also as a woman, I think we sometimes notice the details: queues at the catering facilities and toilets and we may have ideas to improve the supporter experience without any cost.

Matt Colley
I feel I would be an excellent fit for the supporters' panel; in terms of diversity, I can offer lived experience of mental health problems and plenty of experience with volunteering and fundraising around wellbeing and mental health. I am currently doing a 5,000-mile cycle ride around Norfolk for five charities including the CSF (see I am a professional proofreader, copywriter and editor, so I have outstanding written communication skills. I am also an experienced manager, and I actively practise meditation and mindfulness to help me keep grounded and ensure my interactions with others are empathetic and considered.

Michael Aidan
I've supported the club for 60 years and have been a licensed, semi-professional coach for 30 years. I also live in California so can represent overseas fans to the best of my ability.

Patrick Heaton-Armstrong
Since 2004, I've been working for New Routes which is an organisation that supports refugees, asylum seekers and isolated migrants, and promoting cross-cultural integration and community awareness in Norwich. I would like to become a member of the official supporter panel to represent the client group that New Routes works with. I know that there are many keen football fans who regularly use our service, and ideally I would like to invite one or more of our service users to attend meetings with me. I would like to take a supporting role only, to allow our service users to make their feelings and wishes heard regarding affairs at Norwich City FC.

Ryan Blumenthal
I have recently taken a leadership position within the New York Canaries and will be doing the same within the AmeriCanaries group (which is comprised of all supporters in the Americas). My journey began a decade ago while spending a semester abroad at UEA. I attended a handful of matches in the Championship season that saw us promoted to the Premier League and I have been in love with the club and the sport ever since. I have EVERY kit produced since Daniel Farke has come aboard and organize multiple shop orders yearly amongst the NY Canaries. You will get no international supporter more dedicated to bringing everything possible to contribute to this panel.


Any supporter will be eligible to vote and this voting process will be independently verified - the fans with the most votes will join the panel.

The successful applicants will serve for a period of two seasons. This is to keep ideas fresh and allow new members to join. The first official supporters panel meeting will take place in May 2021.

Please contact the supporter services team at if you have any queries.

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