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Academy pair get involved in CSF online webinar

8 February 2021

Norwich City Academy duo Zach Dronfield and Josh Giurgi got involved with the Community Sports Foundation as they gave a talk on their careers last week.

The Under-23s regulars spoke about their experiences and careers so far to over 130 participants in the online webinar, detailing their everyday lives in training and how they joined the Canaries.

After giving their advice on how to best develop to the young footballers, both Dronfield and Giurgi then took the time to answer several questions from the aspiring Canaries at the end of the session.

Speaking after the talk, Dronfield felt the session was helpful for both him and the young players, saying it taught him a few life skills whilst passing his knowledge on to the next generation.

“It was great, it was good for me and I think it was good for the kids as well because they learnt a lot about what it takes and the journey you have to go through to get to where us lads are.

“It’s good for me as well because I’m talking to 100 or more kids ranging from ages five up to 15, talking about my journey and what I’ve been through. To speak in front of that many people, it’s good because it teaches me life skills, it was quite tough as well.

“You don’t want to tell the kids the doom and gloom of it because that might demotivate them a bit, but I think to a certain extent you have to be honest and tell them that this industry can be brutal, and it doesn’t always go the way you want.

“There was a bit of honesty to gain their trust and make them realise how hard it is to get to where we want to get to. I think they appreciated that and learnt a lot from the session.”

With the result of the session a big success for both Dronfield and the participants, the U23s midfielder says he’d be more than happy to give it another shot in the future.

“I’d definitely do it again, a lot of the guys from CSF on the call said to us about how good they thought it was and I got a couple of messages after saying it was a really good call and they really appreciate it.

“Even if it’s for the kids or myself, I learnt a lot doing it and I’m sure the kids learnt a thing or two about the journey from myself and Josh [Giurgi].”

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