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Dimitris Giannoulis: My Greek initiation song was… not so good!

20 February 2021

Dimitris Giannoulis has already made four appearances and kept three clean sheets for Norwich City.

This week, he spoke to members of the local media, as well as, to discuss his time in Norfolk so far.

“I’ve really enjoyed my first time in Norwich,” he said. “I’m very happy to be here and from the last two results I am more happy now! I hope to keep winning like this so everybody is happy and we’re promoted at the end. 

“It’s quite difficult but I know why I came here, to adapt quickly, so I think things are getting better, not just for me but for the team also.

“They’re very supportive, really good lads. It’s a pleasure to play with them on the pitch. They’ve helped me a lot until now and I hope they continue doing this.

“They are really good players. They are really good defenders, but not only this, they can play with the ball and build up the game. Especially Ben, because he’s on my side, I’m very happy to play with him and I know he’s always covering my back.”

Giannoulis added that Daniel Farke’s intense training sessions, focusing on the passing game, are paying off in matches, such as when he assisted Emi Buendia against Stoke City.

“It’s really intense but I like this way of training,” he said. “We’re working a lot on our passing game and that’s great for me. That’s what we show in the games. We’ve been working really hard and it’s really good.

“It’s great because I’m sure when I cross the ball that Teemu, Emi, Todd or Mario will be there to score a goal. It’s easier for me to cross and be sure of that.”

Giannoulis revealed in his interview with Michael Bailey that he had been aware of Todd Cantwell before moving to Norwich as he owned him in his Fantasy Premier League team. Asked if he’ll put himself in his team if City go up, Giannoulis struggled to decide.

“Yes, I will do it, of course! I can only pick three players from Norwich which would be difficult, so maybe I’d take myself out, I don’t know! Teemu, Emi, Aarons… too many players so I’ll have to think about it!”

Initiation songs are part of the process of welcoming new players to the club, but Giannoulis isn’t thrilled with how his went.

“Yes, I did and… it was not so good! I will not do it again. It was really bad. I sang a Greek song and it did not go good.”

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