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“Giannoulis is the best choice for Norwich” - expert view on Dimitris Giannoulis

24 January 2021

Norwich City completed the signing of Greek left-back Dimitris Giannoulis earlier this week.

To learn more about our new recruit, spoke to Dimitris Samolis, a Greek football reporter for Sport 24.

“At this moment, he is one of the best left-backs that we have in our country, along with Konstantinos Tsimikas at Liverpool,” he said. “Some people like to compare who is better, but in fact I would say that both of them are very good players and I couldn’t say who is better.

“Giannoulis is very fast at left-back. Sometimes, you can’t understand if he’s in the opponent's half if he’s defending. He likes to run a lot and if you see the statistics of the Greek Super League from last year, although he’s a left-back, he’s one of the players that created the most chances for PAOK. This is very important and shows how much of a good player he is.

“He’s very good at crosses and many goals from PAOK have come from his crosses on the left. His passes are successful, I imagine most of his in the opponent’s half are very successful and no other player at PAOK had as many successful passes in the opponent’s half.”

giannoulis left back.jpg

Samolis went on to explain how Giannoulis can fit into Norwich City’s style of play, Daniel Farke’s side typically possessing full-backs with the freedom to attack the wings.

“Giannoulis is the best choice for how Norwich play with their full-backs,” he said. “He doesn’t like only to defend. All the time during games, you’ll see him in the opponent’s half trying to create and move the ball forward.

“In my opinion, I’m sure that at the end of the season he will have some assists for Teemu Pukki. Pukki has found a very good player that he can easily score from his passes!

“Giannoulis is a character who at PAOK had pressure. Although the level cannot be compared to English football, in Greece generally there is huge pressure on teams like PAOK and Olympiacos, so he’s accustomed to the pressure.

“He will not have a problem adapting to the Championship, which is one of the hardest leagues in the world. I feel that he will quickly help the club to achieve their promotion. I don’t think that will be a problem for him.

“He has extremely good physical condition and can offer a lot to Norwich.”

giannoulis celeb.jpg

At Norwich, emphasis is also placed on the personality and character of potential signings, and Samolis was again full of praise for Giannoulis in that department.

“He’s a nice guy and had some very good friends at PAOK, mostly Greek,” he said. “He likes to have fun. I don’t think he’s a player who will create problems so you shouldn’t expect something like this. 

“Here in Greece, the only question was when he would make the move to play outside of Greece. During the last transfer window, he had some proposals from Italy, but PAOK decided to keep him. It was a matter of time because all these years his level was better and better in every game and it was clear that he would make a move to play abroad.

“Sometimes, he goes strongly to the opponents with power and receives a yellow card, but this shows how energetic he is during the games. I would say that he’s a player that will try to give one hundred per cent in every game.”

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