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Academy News

Getting to know: Abu Kamara

9 June 2021

As the pre-season of the 2021-2022 campaign nears, we’re getting to know Norwich City Academy’s players in a bit more detail!

We first looked at Nelson Khumbeni, and up next is City striker Abu Kamara. You can watch our video below or take a look at our transcription of everything you need to know about the young forward!

How long have you been at Norwich and what’s your story behind joining the club?

AK: “I’ve been at Norwich for six or seven years; I was here since Under-11s and I’m currently in the Under-18s. I’m actually from southeast London, so when I heard about the opportunity to go on trial at Norwich, it was a happy moment for me because I was trying to get in at a lot of clubs and it didn’t go as planned. When I came to Norwich, it felt like home and I’m glad they took me on board.”

What position do you play?

AK: “When I joined the club, I was originally a left-winger and floating around left-winger and left-back. I went to the number ten role and ended up as a striker now.”

How would you describe your playing style?

AK: “I’d say that I’m a willing runner and a team player. I try to score with all the chances I’m presented, but it’s not always the case!”

Who have you known the longest at the club?

AK: “I’ve known a player called Nelson [Khumbeni] and a player called Saxon [Earley] the longest. Ever since I came here, they were always here. They’re like the Norwich generals! Our whole age group is really close with each other because we’ve been through it all together since the age of Under-12s, so we’ve got a really close bond with each other.”

What is your biggest achievement to date?

AK: “Being awarded a pro contract, it was a proud moment for me. It’s only the start, so I really appreciated it.”

What has been your favourite game so far this season?

AK: “It has to be the Wolves game in the FA Youth Cup, it was a proud moment for me to score a hat-trick in such a prestigious competition and I’m just happy with the result.”

What team did you support growing up?

AK: “I actually supported Manchester United and still do! My brother supports Man United and it had an influence on me. Every time he’d be watching the game, I’d be watching the game, so I just grew up liking how they were playing, so that’s how I support Man United!”

Who is your favourite all time player?

AK: “I’ll go Ronaldinho, he made everything look so effortless and did it with a smile on his face, you can’t get better than enjoying your time while being at your best. If you’re not enjoying yourself, you won’t be able to get the best out of yourself, so if you’re doing it and enjoying it, you can really hit your pinnacle.”

Do you have any pre-game superstitions?

AK: “I actually do have a superstition! I try to put everything from the left-side on first! So, if I’m putting on my shirt, I’d put my left arm through first. That’s what I do before a game!”

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