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Daniel Farke: It was a fantastic, mature performance

17 March 2021

Norwich City head coach Daniel Farke described Wednesday’s 2-0 win at Nottingham Forest as fantastic and mature in his post-match interview with

“It was a fantastic performance. It's been a while since a side was able to score more than one goal against a well structured Chris Hughton side. I think it was 12 or 13 games ago that happened. They have many clean sheets.

“What we delivered in the first half was fantastic. We were all over them and scored two fantastic goals, creating an unbelievable amount of chances. What a team goal it would have been if Kenny McLean scored his chance.

“We could have easily scored three, four or five goals. We ended up with more than 700 passes and more than 90 percent passing accuracy with nearly 70 percent possession and 22 shots. I think it was a focused and quality performance.

“In the second half, we had the better chances but it was important to play without mistakes and without allowing them anything. It says a lot about a side when they can bring the likes of Murray and Taylor in during a game and their offensive quality.

“We reduced them to just one chance in the game so it was an all round performance - top in possession and creating chances and good in terms of controlling and defending the game - so a mature performance that I’m happy with.”

Choosing the right moments when to slow the game down and speed the pace up also pleased Farke on the touchline.

“It was a fully dominant performance today and important that we started this game proactive in our counter pressing and pressing, which were spot on after just two days of rest. To be greedy and aggressive on the front foot and push them into their half.

“With our passing choice we found the right balance between calming the game down and speeding the game up when it was possible and necessary. It was one of the best performances during the season.

“We didn’t score the third goal or finish the game off so you always have to make sure you play without mistakes. We could have created even more and had more freedom to take more risks, but it was important to have good game management.

“We wanted to be greedy without overdoing it. Testament to that is that we didn’t allow them to have one chance. It’s not like we were sitting deep or defending. There were a few periods where we had to defend against the ball though.”

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