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Norwich City Legends delight supporters with virtual question and answer session

4 March 2021

Hundreds of Norwich City supporters attended a virtual evening with six Norwich City legends.

Adam Drury, Grant Holt, Darren Huckerby, Darren Eadie, Jeremy Goss and Rob Newman took on a question and answer session, hosted by BBC Radio Norfolk and Norwich City commentator Chris Goreham, which was put on by the club to help lift supporters spirits during lockdown.

Questions from fans had been flooding in since the event was announced in February; ranging from topics surrounding the players’ favourite goals, to their thoughts on the current team and how they would compare to the sides that they played in.


Understandably with Darren Eadie, Gossy and Rob on the panel there were plenty of questions around the club’s memorable UEFA Cup in the 1993/94 season. Rob Newman described the moment he led the team out at the San Siro as the highlight of his career.

“I think there were a few other captains who were suspended that day,” explained Rob. “But for me, someone who had come up from division four, to be leading the side out at the San Siro that was the pinnacle for me.

“The team we had in that era, we had some really good players. Gossy has mentioned Ian Crook and I always go back to him as the best player that I have played with. He constantly put it (the ball) on a sixpence whether it was a 20-yard pass or a 60-yard pass.”


The UEFA Cup side was a team that Grant Holt, throughout the eras, put as the best of all the Norwich teams but asked how his side (2010/11) would compare to the current Norwich City team, he said: “We managed to go up and stay up in the Premier League, so I think that probably answers that question without being too blunt, but the current crop is completely different to a lot of the teams that have been before them. They keep the ball, they move it. They are very much a passing-based team and we were different to that.

“I think they have got to stay up, that is the main thing. I think they are better this year than they were two years ago in the Championship when they went up, in my opinion but they have got to go up and they have got to cement that next year and then if they do that, then they might get close to it.”

Goss Munich hires.jpg

Speaking about the best goal he scored in his career, many of the fans watching would have thought Gossy would have chosen his strike against Bayern Munich but, because of the technique of another volley, that was not his favourite.

“For me, it was the goal against Leeds United,” he said. “It is the best goal that technically I have scored. The fact that everybody in the team had a touch of the ball as well prior to (Ruel) Fox crossing it made it that extra special.

“It was a difficult one to latch on to because it was coming side on, at a 90-degree angle, and I was lucky enough to fluke it in. The Munich one came at me and I didn’t have to adjust, physically or posture wise, I just had to get in front of the ball and get a sweet contact and I just hoped that it hit the target.”


Darren Eadie was also asked which of the wingers he enjoyed watching most after his playing days and said: “It would be Hucks (Darren Huckerby). He played on the left-hand side like I did, he was quick, he was direct, and he scored goals.

“When I finished playing to come to Carrow Road and watch someone who could do similar, it was exciting to watch. 

“There is lots of ways to win a football match but when you have got talisman in your team; that can do something different, that will run past people and get people of the edge of their seats, I think it is special and we have been blessed, over the years at Norwich, with that.”

Adam Drury also touched on playing alongside Darren Huckerby, adding that it was a 'joy', and now a coach at Wroxham FC he talked about working with Grant Holt there and also working for the Community Sports Foundation where he is part of programme that helps 16-18 years released from the game with their education and football coaching.

All of the players also talked about how much the fans in the stadium helped them during their playing careers and how much they must be currently missed from Carrow Road.

Norwich City would like to thank all the fans who attended the event and submitted questions for our Legends. We hope you enjoyed the evening.

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