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This section is dedicated to our loyal supporters from the UK and abroad.

If you are interested in joining a supporter group, please find the relevant information below on how to contact the representative from a group in your area. 

If you would like to register your group, or if any of the details require amendments, please email

Formed in 2019, this group covering the Western Hemisphere has grown quickly and now has over 200 members covering six Canadian provinces, 40 US states, and six other nations across North and South America and the Caribbean. We correspond regularly via a Facebook group.

Contact: Marc Foster

Facebook - 

Twitter - @AmCanaries

Asian Canaries brings locals that are living or used to live in Asia and Canary fans visiting Asia together to support Norwich City by watching the Canaries on TV in Asia.

Contact: Sean Morgan

Barclay End Norwich is an organised and active fan group aiming to improve the atmosphere at Norwich City matches. They aim to create a fan culture which brings a colourful, passionate and partisan atmosphere to matches, building a greater sense of unity amongst supporters and encouraging them to take a more active role in supporting the team.

Contact: David Wiltshire

It all started on March 16, 2009. I decided to create the Brazilian Community of Norwich City FC, the "Brazilian Canaries" initially on social networks. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp and more recently, Instagram.

The members are spread out in several places in Brazil, but we are based in Rio de Janeiro, where I live.

Me, Lucas La Torre, initially decided to create a communication channel with the fans and the club, but my love for the team became something far beyond what I imagined and I managed to captivate other Brazilians to support Norwich and I also managed to fulfill my dream of get to know the city, the stadium, the club and Norwich fans in person in 2019.

Currently, we are sharing news about Norwich and creating content about the club, here in Brazil, with social media accounts under the name @NorwichCityFCBR.

I also have a podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts etc, called "CanaryCast" - Because of that I got invited to the Spotify Summit for Podcasters 2019 - São Paulo

For more information about the brazilian canaries, feel free to contact me. I will be more than happy to answer you. On the ball, City!

Contact: Lucas La Torre +55 21 9 7363-4386

Twitter -
Facebook -
Instagram -
Spotify -

Canaries Down Under was formed in 2009 and is for fans in Australia and New Zealand who meet up and support Norwich City.

Contact: Marcus Cannell

Founded in 2019, this is the group of followers for fans in Argentina.

Contact: Lautaro Da Silva Laco

Twitter: @NorwichCityArg

The Canaries Trust is part of a growing network of Supporters Trusts throughout the UK and is run on a non-profit basis by an elected Board of volunteers with the primary purpose of raising funds to buy shares in Norwich City Football Club on behalf of the fans.

Contact: Kathy Blake (secretary)

Contact: Suzy Adcock (membership secretary)

Formed in 1975 and based in the capital, the Capital Canaries was originally intended for Norwich City Fans in and around the London area. Overtime the amount of members has increased and they currently have more than 200 members.

Contact: Andi Ansell and Andrew Richley and

A group for Norwich City fans based in the Channel Islands.

Contact: Christopher Collins

Forces2Canaries was formed in 2003 for veterans and serving members of the Armed Forces and they have around 150 members from all over the globe.

Contact: Neville Townsend

We are the New Jersey (USA) based 'chapter' of the Americanaries - founded at the same time as Americanaries to help spread the NCFC gospel in our great state (and to make sure all those New York fellas don't hog the limelight!).  Our 'home-base' is Mulligans Pub in Hoboken.

Facebook @GardenStateCanaries

Contact: Marc Heyhoe

They founded in 2002 and are the main supporter group for Norwich City fans from Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Contact: Paul Standley 



Twitter: @GermanCanaries

Insta: germancanaries

Hampshire Canaries were initially formed in 1982 when some friends joined together whilst serving in the Royal Navy.  They don’t travel together as much as they used to however they always meet up at away games for pre match beers and food.

Contact: Linda Edwards

Hong Kong Canaries were formed in 2006 and has around 50 members who watch the Canaries on TV in Asia, and keep in contact through e-mail.

Contact: Bob Barrell and Tim Watson and

Indonesian Canaries ( used to be called norwich city Indonesia) founded 2012 in Jakarta, we had several meetings in the past, but because the member were busy making the community inactive, now in 2019 we are trying to revive Norwich City Indonesia and rebranding into Indonesian Canaries. Around 5 people are based in Jakarta and the number of fans are unknown throughout in Indonesia.

Contact: Bastian +62 89604193776

Contact: Ken Sutton +353 (087) 6049439

Founded in 2019 and are the main supporter group for Norwich City fans from Italy. New members welcome.

Contact: Roberto Bergonzi +39 338 3713669

Instagram -

East African Canaries is for any fans in the East African region, but we'd like to hear from those in neighbouring countries too!

Approx members: 20 - Currently just a few longer-term Norwich fans, but also some Kenyans who are getting more interested.  Our aim is to grow this number!

Contact: Archie Matheson/Ed Hough +254 708 163416 / +254 738 340783 /

Established on Facebook in June 2019. Main Supporters group of Norwich City from South Korea.

Find us on Facebook @otbckorea.

Contact: Yong-bo Shim

Our Texas-based supporter group was formed in 2014 and holds watch parties throughout the season. We correspond regularly via a Facebook group.

Contact: Marc Foster

Facebook -

The Norwich City Disabled Supporters Association (NCDSA) exists to promote the needs of supporters of Norwich City Football Club who have disabilities.

Contact: Ben Iles

The NY Canaries were founded in 2003 and they meet for games at the Football Factory in Midtown, below the gaze of the Empire State Building on 33rd street and can be joined by visitors from the fine city.

Contact: James Copland / Ryan Blumenthal / David Nichols


Twitter: @nycanaries

North East Canaries are a group of Norwich City supporters living in the NE Region of England with members in Durham, Middlesbrough & Newcastle. The group set up a car share to fixtures as well as other social activities.  We can be contacted via email or by Twitter ‘@NEcanaries’.

Contact: Kieran Hornsby 07957947506

Founded in 2017 for fans based in North Macedonia. New members always welcome. На здравје!

Contact: Mark Knights +389 7143 7452

The Norwich City Fans Social Club launched in July 2015, having been set up by a dedicated group of fans. Designed for all fans of the Canaries, the Social Club aims to bring the Yellow Army together for a range of fun activities.

Contact: Diane Blazier

Posh Canaries have been established since 2002 by a chance encounter of fans from Peterborough bumping into each other camping ahead of the Playoff Final in Cardiff and they now have more than 30 members.

Contact: Jeremy Bussoopun

Proud Canaries launched at the Norwich City game v Spurs in February 2014, it was the second officially recognised LGBT supporters’ groups in the country. The group is a social forum for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans supporters of Norwich City Football Club.

Contact: Di Cunningham

Scottish Canaries is for Norwich City fans who are Scottish, or other nationalities living in Scotland who support The Canaries, or just any City fan with some form of Scottish connection.

Contact: Jamie Hart

Welcomes Spanish and British Canary fans living in Spain, as well as regular Canary holiday makers to Spain.

Contact: Alec Burt +34727786176

South West Canaries are supporters living in the South West of England aiming to gather more supporters living or working in the South West. They travel to games together and meet up when Norwich are televised.

Contact: Darren Wilson

P: 07775 996673

Syrian Canaries is a fan group for any fans in Syria and Arabian countries in Western Asia.

We currently have approximately thirty members and this is now growing rapidly. Our Facebook page; ‘Norwich City Fans in Syria’, already has 600 fans who communicate with us on an almost daily basis: This has has only possible due to the amazing support of the Canaries Trust. Overall, our goal is to help people who support our beloved Norwich City and live in our part of the World. At the same time, we want to do whatever we can to support the Club itself, in whatever way we can.

Contact: Ali Zartit and Ahed Zartit, Latakia, Syria

Their group contains both Thai and Expats NCFC fans located in various cities across Thailand including Bangkok Metro area, Hua Hin, Phuket, Chonburi, Rayong, Lampang, etc.  Their Facebook group was founded in 2009 and is a supporter group for all things Norwich City in Thailand.  

Contact: Tor Pongtorn (Pongtorn Viravan)

Established in 2015. Looking to bring together Yellows based in The GTA. Find us on Twitter @Toronto Canaries. New members welcome - please reach out and connect on twitter or email.

Contact: Ben Isotta

Formed in July 2009, this is the group of supporters for fans in the United Arab Emirates. When Norwich City is live on TV, they meet at the Crown & Lion, Byblos Hotel in Dubai.

Contact: Philip Bray

There are about seven of us total scattered around the great state of Virginia on the East Coast of the US and are actively seeking new members from the throngs of top 6 bandwagon fans.  Our Twitter page is 

Contact: Daniel Mathes (+1 434-996-5937)

Twitter - @virginiacanary

Contact: Steven Pearce 07810 740334