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1902 Lottery

Every day you can win £100!!

For just £1 a week you have the chance to win £100 every day of the year! Every day one lucky winner wins £100, every week ten people win £10 and every month one person wins £500!! 

Joining 1902 Lottery could not be easier; either contact your local Newsagent to see if they partake in the scheme or pay directly to the Club for just £52 for the year. Start your subscription now...


Week commencing 19/02/2018

£100 Winners

Edwin Masters, Gary Heffer, Mrs E Bleasdale, G Thrower, Mrs J E Crawford, Mrs M Richens, Gwen Butters

£10 Winners

D Woods, Sandra Munday, Roy Alexander, Paul Hart, Mr C Turner, T D Illingworth, Norman M Wells, Mrs H Atkinson, A Booker, Artis

Week commencing 12/02/2018

£100 Winners

Mrs M Filby, H Lovatt, R Massingham, Mr D Cooper, Evelyn Stolze, Mrs R Knowles, Mrs M Riches

£10 Winners

Ms Maggie Sadler, Mrs D Kennett, Mrs Carol Syddell, Mrs MA Lowe, Mrs B Bullock, Mr Geoff Lees, Mr Stephen Pointer, R Read, Mr A Frost, John Ellis

Week commencing 05/02/2018

£100 Winners

T D Illingworth, W E Storey, Peter Temperton, Mr W Tasker, Mr D Smith, Peter Dunn, Robert Harvey

£10 Winners

Mrs V Turton, Audrey Skipper, B Jones, Mr Hugh Sanderson, M H & E Riches, Richard Smith, Nigel Turner, Malcom Jealous, G House, Neil Riley

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