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Golden Goal

Golden Goal tickets are available at every home matchday for just £1! This year your Golden Goal ticket gives you three chances of winning.

For Game One, match the time a goal is scored during the match and you could win £500.

Game Two, Match your lucky number with the Lucky number drawn at half time to win a Club prize!

Game Three is an Instant win reveal Win to win a £10 NCFC Gift Voucher.

Golden Goal tickets are available from our matchday sellers around the ground, Canaries Official Stores or the ticket office. You can also have your tickets sent to you in advance of a home match by purchasing online

Winning Times & Lucky Numbers

Ipswich Town - 18th Feb

1st Goal: 88:11

2nd Goal: 90:00

Lucky Number 2349


Middlesbrough - 3rd Feb

1st Goal: 44:00

Lucky Number 2071

Sheffield Utd - 20th Jan

1st Goal: 5:44

2nd Goal: 67:40

3rd Goal: 68:42

Lucky Number 3208


Chelsea - 6th Jan

All tickets marked 'no goals' win

The Lucky Number is 1889

Millwall - 1st Jan 

1st Goal: 43:55

2nd Goal: 51:07

3rd Goal: 76:05

Lucky Number 3483

Brentford - 22nd Dec

1st Goal: 35.23

2nd Goal: 40.08

3rd Goal: 90:00

Lucky Number 1355

Sheffield Wed - 9th Dec

1st Goal: 17:56

2nd Goal: 54:05

3rd Goal: 67:43

4th Goal: 90:00

Lucky Number 2919


Preston - 25th Nov

1st Goal: 33:30

2nd Goal: 69:16

Lucky Number 2060


Barnsley - 18th Nov

1st Goal: 11:22

2nd Goal: 46:32

Lucky Number 2743

Wolves - 31st Oct

1st Goal: 17:29

2nd Goal: 71:39

Lucky Number 2697

Derby County - 28th Oct

1st Goal: 45:00

2nd Goal: 70:04

3rd Goal: 82:13

Lucky Number 2348

Hull City - 14th Oct

1st Goal: 28:43

2nd Goal: 90:00

Lucky Number 1221

Bristol City - 23rd Sept

All tickets marked 'no goals' win

Lucky Number 3244

Burton Albion - 12th Sept

All tickets marked 'no goals' win

Lucky Number 2052

Birmingham - 9th Sept

1st Goal time 4.05

Lucky Number 1131


QPR - 16th Aug

1st Goal time 47.52

2nd Goal time 81.40

Lucky Number 1953


Sunderland - 13th Aug

1st Goal time 26.21

2nd Goal time 59.14

3rd Goal time 70.39

4th Goal time 77.19

Lucky Number 1064


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