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The Golden Goal, (our match day scratchcard) sponsored by Richard Pike Associates, are available at every home matchday for just £1!

For Game One, match the time a goal is scored during the match and you could win £500.

Game Two, Match your lucky number with the Lucky number drawn at half time to win £500

Game Three is an Instant win! Match the two symbols to win the prize indicated on the card, prizes available £100, £50, £20 voucher and £10 voucher

Golden Goal tickets are available from our matchday sellers around the ground, Canaries Official Stores or the ticket office. You can also have your tickets sent to you in advance of a home match by purchasing online

All proceeds raised go directly to the Club's academy, providing the best environment possible for our stars of the future.


Winning Times & Lucky Numbers

All prizes must be claimed within 14 days of the game


Friday 28th February

1st Goal: 69:44

Lucky Number 2207


Saturday 15th February

1st Goal: 77:05

Lucky Number 0714

AFC Bournemouth

Saturday 18th January

1st Goal: 32:32

Lucky Number 1667

Crystal Palace

New Years Day

1st Goal: 03:58, 2nd Goal: 84:46

Lucky Number 0032

Tottenham Hotspur

Saturday 28th December

1st Goal: 17:39, 2nd Goal: 54:13, 3rd Goal: 60:44, 4th Goal: 82:13

Lucky Number 1735


Saturday 21st December

1st Goal: 16:32, 2nd Goal: 59:52, 3rd Goal: 80:27

Lucky Number 0609

Sheffield United

Sunday 8th December

1st Goal: 26:40, 2nd Goal: 48:03, 3rd Goal: 51:16

Lucky Number 1926


Sunday 1st December

1st Goal: 20:50, 2nd Goal: 28:04, 3rd Goal: 45:00, 4th Goal: 56:44

Lucky Number 2071


Friday 8th November

1st Goal: 01:17, 2nd Goal: 51:25

Lucky Number 0883

Manchester United

Sunday 27th October

1st Goal: 20.04, 2nd Goal: 29.56, 3rd Goal: 72.00, 4th Goal: 87.30

Lucky Number 1498

Aston Villa

Saturday 5th October

1st Goal: 13:59, 2nd Goal: 29:32, 3rd Goal: 48:35, 4th Goal: 60:29, 5th Goal: 82:03, 6th Goal: 87:05

Lucky Number 1916

Manchester City

Saturday 14th September

1st Goal: 17:54, 2nd Goal: 27:53, 3rd Goal: 44:32, 4th Goal: 49:09, 5th Goal: 87:27

Lucky Number 0654


Saturday 24th August

1st Goal: 02:57, 2nd Goal: 05:32, 3rd Goal: 16:53, 4th Goal: 30:01, 5th Goal: 68:00

Lucky Number 1902

Newcastle Utd

Saturday 17th August

1st Goal: 31:55, 2nd Goal: 62:42, 3rd Goal: 74:32, 4th Goal: 90:00

Lucky Number 1325


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