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What seasonal products are eligible for a rebate?

Fans who are eligible for a rebate include 2019-20 season ticket holders and members (home and away), seasonal car park permit holders and 2019-20 Gunn Club members.

How is my rebate calculated?

The calculation will be;

Price paid for your product divided by 19 (total league games) multiplied by number of league games you can’t attend.

How long do I have to make my decision?

Fans can select their rebate choice from Monday, June 1 to Tuesday, June 30.

I’ve forgotten my supporter number. Where can I find this?

Your supporter number is located on the page overleaf, but this can also be located on your season ticket or membership card.

I pay by direct debit but have recently changed banks and need to update my billing information.

Please complete the ‘direct debit customers only’ section on the letter sent by post, then return this back to the Club using the pre-paid returns envelope.

I paid for another membership/season ticket but the letter has been sent to the member. How can I change who the cheque is payable to if a refund is selected?

This member/seat holder has the option to change who the cheque is payable to by completing the ‘non-direct debit customers only’ section on the bottom of the letter that each eligible supporter will receive by post. Please complete and return this back to the Club using the pre-paid returns envelope.

I’ve received more than one letter. Do I need to complete multiple applications?

Supporters with multiple products that are eligible for a refund will receive a letter for each product they hold. If completing the application online, fans will need to submit their rebate choice for each product. If these fans cannot access the internet, it is important they complete the section at the bottom of each letter and return these by post.

I’d like to split my rebate. How can I do this?

Unfortunately this is not possible with our system online. However, if you would like to split your rebate, please call 01603 721902.

For any other questions:

If your question isn’t answered above, or if you feel there is a discrepancy with the rebate value provided, please get in touch with the Ticket Office on 01603 721902.