Report an Incident

Norwich City Football Club wish to create inclusive and welcoming environments where everyone feels safe, valued and respected in line with our club values.

Norwich City Football Club has a zero-tolerance policy towards discriminatory and any other anti-social behaviour.

To report an incident or a concern on matchday please notify the nearest steward or Police Officer. If you wish to notify the Operations team of an issue inside the Stadium you may wish to use the text service.

To report an incident via SMS please text REPORT 80011

The service is as described below:

  • If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour close to you, whether it be foul language, discriminatory abuse, smoking, people standing blocking your view or drinking alcohol, send us a text message to identify the problem
  • Within the message, ideally, we require you to identify your block, row and seat number, and also identify the location of the anti-social behaviour, being as precise as possible
  • Text REPORT and the keyword followed by your message to 80011 e.g. REPORT – I’m in Block D Row 8 Seat 11. Problem two rows in front, foul language

All text messages are treated in the strictest confidence and, for our staff, it is better to monitor the situation as it is happening and to be able to act at the time of it occurring.

The Premier League and our clubs will not tolerate discrimination in any form. If people are found to have racially abused Premier League players they deserve to be punished and we will support any action taken by the authorities and the clubs.

We appreciate the millions of supporters who help create a positive Premier League matchday atmosphere and have made it clear that racist conduct or language is unacceptable.

Our No Room For Racism initiative is supported by all 20 clubs, their players, managers and fans.

If anybody witnesses racist behaviour at a match or around a stadium, they can report it to a steward or the police, as well as via the Kick It Out reporting app.

Everyone is welcome at Premier League games. Racism is not.