Social Media Policy - Guidance for Fans


Norwich City is proud of its record of being an inclusive, family-orientated football club, one where all our fans and staff feel safe, valued and respected.

We encourage our supporters to use social media in all matters relating directly to the club in a responsible and respectful way, ensuring an environment of well-mannered discussion, healthy debate and opinion.

All social media posts are likely to become a matter of public record and we urge our supporters to ‘think before you post’.

  • Could my post be harmful to others?
  • Could my post cause others to fear for their safety?
  • Could my post have a detrimental impact on another’s wellbeing?
  • Could my post be perceived as abusive or discriminatory?
  • Is my post supportive of our Football Club?

Online abuse is harmful to individuals regardless of their profile. Our commitment to equality is such that abuse towards our players and staff will be treated no differently to that of our fans.

Social media spans numerous computer and technology-based platforms and allows people to participate in online communities. It enables them to generate content, share information with others and communicate with friends, players and other organisations such as football clubs like ourselves.

In addition to our official website, Norwich City actively uses the following social media platforms to keep our fans informed of all the latest news from our football club and to engage with our supporters directly.







Guidance and conduct

When engaging with social media relating directly to the club, whether on the club’s official social media channels or elsewhere, we ask our fans to behave in a way which is in line with our club’s values and beliefs as set out in our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy, which you can read here.

We ask our fans to behave in a fair, respectful and tolerant manner towards others and not to use harmful language which could be deemed as abusive or discriminatory.

Club action

It is important to understand that whilst the club are unable to take on the role of policing social media platforms, we will consider sanctions against individuals or groups who produce or disseminate social media posts which cause harm to others or create a risk to safety.

We will investigate all complaints or conduct directly involving the club on a case-by-case basis if the content, in the club’s sole judgement:

  1. Seriously and directly contravenes our club values,
  2. Does so in a way which we believe causes harm or distress to others or could bring the club into disrepute, and
  3. Can be reasonably identified as originating from known customers of the club

Sanctions taken could involve:

  • Blocking the individuals or groups from following our official accounts
  • Formal warnings
  • Banning the individuals or groups from ticketing services
  • Reporting individuals or groups to the social media platform and to the police if we feel a crime has been committed

At all times we will take necessary action we deem most appropriate to protect our club, players and our fans. Each report to us will be assessed and we recognise that it will not be possible or realistic for the club to intervene in every situation. The decision on whether to take action will remain at the club’s sole discretion. Any decision not to act does not constitute an endorsement of the content under complaint by the club.

Any sanctions imposed will be accountable and communicated to all parties involved.

Advice for fans

Our advice to fans who feel they have been subject to harmful or abusive comments is not to engage further with those accounts involved.

Report the post to the relevant social media platform following the relevant link below and then to block the account user from any further contact.

Reporting incidents to the club

We would encourage supporters to report any harmful online incidents to Any details of the incident and screenshots of any offensive social media posts should be shared with us where possible to allow a proper assessment to be made. The club will acknowledge receipt of your complaint and confirm if it intends to investigate this further.

Reporting incidents to the Police

If you have been a victim of a crime or you feel a crime has been committed through social media, this must be reported directly to the police.

Reporting incidents to Kick it Out

There is also a reporting mechanism via an online form through Kick it Out, English football’s equality and inclusion organisation:

Advice for parents

Parents and Carers should appropriately supervise the use of social media by children, young people or adults at risk. More details about keeping children safe online can be found through the NSPCC and other charities: