Sustainability 1

Norwich City Football Club is committed to operating in a sustainable manner and reducing the environmental impact of our practices across all areas of the club. We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and, together with our colleagues, our fans, our suppliers, and our partners, we want to continue our journey to be more sustainable and encourage best practice.

Across the club, we are always looking for new ways and initiatives to improve efficiencies. This means continuously working on new projects that will improve our practices and reduce our carbon footprint both now and in the future.

For us, this includes a partnership with, Kotkamills – an organisation with sustainability at its heart. As a business, they are paving the way to sustainable living with fibre-based food packaging materials as well as wood and wood-based materials for construction, decor and furniture to businesses around the world. As our partnership evolves, they will help us maximise our environmental efforts.

We believe the responsibility of care of our planet belongs with all of us, and over time we know we can make a difference. Making small changes to our daily habits and everyday lives, allows us to reduce our environmental impact.

Through our Academy, Junior Canaries and Community Sports Foundation we will educate our younger fans inspiring them that, with their input, the future will be greener.

Stay tuned for more on how we are working to be #GreenerTogether and find out how you can get involved above:

Academy Sustainability | Episode 1