Academy players start online learning

Football may not be on, but that isn't stopping Norwich City Academy's scholars from getting some time in the classroom

Whilst they would normally develop their football at the same time as learning, adaptations have been made to suit the current climate, especially since most players have been sent back home to their families for the time being.

Instead, they are temporarily learning online, making sure that valuable education time is maintained throughout this otherwise difficult period.

Using an online classroom, the scholars can connect and speak to each other, all whilst having a screen shared to them, allowing them to follow along as they would in any normal classroom at the Lotus Training Centre.

Speaking on this unorthodox way of learning, Education Manager Matt Wells said the first objective was making sure all the players means of access to the class.

“The first priority was ensuring each of the players had access to a laptop. Myself and my son packed up laptops and posted them to the players.

"As you can imagine, devices are being used a lot in homes across the country, at the moment, so providing the players with a device that is solely for their use was imperative.”

Away from the football aspect of their lives, Wells says continuing their education isn’t only important to ensuring their qualifications are still passed, but also to keep them occupied in these unprecedented times.

“Maintaining their education whilst football is postponed serves two main functions. They need to complete the qualifications in order to pass their apprenticeship, so providing as much support as we can for them whilst they are away from training is paramount to them making progress in these qualifications.

“Also, having a structure and a routine at this uncertain time is vitally important for maintaining positive mental health. There is a strong chance the players could become bored so by setting specific, achievable, measurable academic targets each week gives the players a focus and forms part of their daily and weekly routine."

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