Active Canaries - week one is here!

As unveiled last week, Norwich City Football Club and the Community Sports Foundation have teamed up for a new project to help boost the wellbeing of supporters of all ages during lockdown.

Active Canaries will provide challenges, resources, and inspiration in three main areas – Get Moving, Get Learning - alongside Junior Canaries, and Get Caring.

Week one information is below – we hope you find it useful. If you take part in any of the activities, don’t forget to let us know by tagging the club and the Foundation on social media.

Get Moving

This week is a walking challenge that you can adapt to a pace you find comfortable.

You might be surprised to learn that when cutting the grass at Carrow Road, our groundsmen walk about 6km; there are 22 stripes of 68m each (the width of the pitch), and they are mown four times!

The Challenge: Can you get out and do a 6km walk this week? How many times can you do one?

Extra Step: There are currently 10 episodes of our official Norwich City podcast ‘All in Yellow’ on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Pick one to listen to while you complete your walk and see if you can finish by the end.

Next to each episode, we’ve worked out the average pace you’d need to maintain during your walk.

Episode 1: Daniel Farke - 1 hr 29 mins (4km/h)
Episode 2: Neil Adams - 1 hr 47 mins (3.4km/h)
Episode 3: Stephen Fry - 54 mins (6.7 km/h)
Episode 4: Onel Hernandez - 1 hr 9 mins (5.2 km/h)
Episode 5: Chris Goreham - 1 hr 12 mins (5 km/h)
Episode 6: Darren Huckerby - 1 hr 4 mins (5.6 km/h)
Episode 7: Phil Lythgoe - 1 hr 9 mins (5.2 km/h)
Episode 8: Kei Kamara - 50 mins (7.2 km/h - good luck!)
Episode 9: Kenny McLean - 55 mins (6.5 km/h)
Episode 10: Andrew Surman - 1 hr 1 min (5.9 km/h)

Get Learning

Junior Canaries and the Norwich City Community Sports Foundation have developed some Norwich City themed resources to help parents with home-schooling. 

First up is geography week with Canaries defender Ben Gibson!


Key Stage One

  • Geography with Gibson worksheet and competition
  • Continents quiz
  • UK football clubs quiz
  • UK weather quiz

Key Stage Two

  • Geography with Gibson worksheet and competition
  • Continents quiz
  • UK football clubs quiz
  • UK weather quiz

Key Stage Three

  • Geography with Gibson worksheet and competition
  • Population quiz
  • Urbanisation quiz

This week’s competition is to share your completed worksheet to win a message from Ben Gibson. Watch out as well for three of Ben’s fellow Canaries sharing some fun facts about their home countries.

Head on over to the brand-new Junior Canaries website for all the info.

Get Caring

Staying connected is so important while we continue to be apart from the people we care about.

This week, can you phone a friend, relative, or anyone you think could use a call, and spend some time talking about your favourite football memories?

Goss against Bayern Munich? Drury v Middlesbrough? Pukki v Millwall? We all have favourite moments from following the Canaries and soon enough we’ll get to experience some more.

In the meantime, let’s keep talking.

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