Active Canaries - week two is here!

Active Canaries will provide challenges, resources, and inspiration in three main areas – Get Moving, Get Learning - alongside Junior Canaries, and Get Caring.

Week two information is below – we hope you find it useful. If you take part in any of the activities, don’t forget to let us know by tagging the Club and the Foundation on social media.

Get Moving

Fun fact: to reach the top of the Regency Security Stand you would have to climb 245 steps.

The Challenge: Can you use the stairs in your home to climb to the top of the Regency Security Stand? If you don’t have stairs, try using a box or something else that you can safely step onto, but don’t forget to swap legs for each step).

Extra Step: There are currently 11 episodes of our official Norwich City podcast ‘All in Yellow’ on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Why not pick one to listen to while completing your step challenge?

Get Learning

Junior Canaries and the Norwich City Community Sports Foundation have developed some Norwich City themed resources to help parents with home-schooling. 

This week is IT with City striker Adam Idah and the chance to win a copy of Football Manager 2021 in our challenge to design a computer game.


Key Stage One

  • Safer internet quiz
  • Design a Computer Game Challenge
  • Use the website challenge

Key Stage Two

  • Safer internet quiz
  • Use the website challenge
  • Design a computer game challenge
  • IT Terms quiz

Key Stage Three

  • Safer internet quiz
  • Design a computer game challenge
  • Data collection challenge
  • Types of online communication

Head on over to the brand-new Junior Canaries website for all the info.

Get Caring

This week it’s all about showing gratitude and helping others to feel appreciated.

For example, can you take some time to say thank you to your teacher for your online learning? Try colouring in the Norwich City themed thank you card and uploading it with your work.

Did someone you live with cook a great meal, or make you a cup of tea before you started work? Let them know that it made your day better.

At a challenging time for everyone, appreciating the things and people you are grateful for can help you to feel more positive.

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