Billy Gilmour: There are very exciting times ahead

Norwich City midfielder Billy Gilmour said he’s ‘ready to do big things’ at the club after signing on loan from Chelsea on Friday.

Gilmour sat down with for his first club interview after putting pen to paper at Lotus Training Centre. How does it feel to have signed with Norwich City for the coming season? 

BG: I’m very excited to be here. I can’t wait for the season ahead. I’ve been looking forward to coming here, playing as much as possible and helping Norwich City compete in the Premier League. When last season came to a close, was it always part of yours and Chelsea’s plan to sort out a loan move for this season? 

BG: With me, I wanted to play more regularly. Hopefully I’ll do alright in training to get more gametime in the Premier League and to show that I’m ready. Why did you choose Norwich ahead of other clubs who were potentially interested in you? 

BG: I spoke to the manager here [Daniel Farke]. He called me and we had a nice talk about how he wants to play and how he sees me fitting in. Everything he said was what I want to do on the pitch, get the ball down and play nice football. He spoke really highly of his team and I wanted to come join here and help. Clearly it’s been a strange time for you recently, how was your recent period of self-isolation? 

BG: Everything was going well, getting picked for my country and playing in the EUROs. To miss a game out because of coronavirus wasn’t good but it was a little break and I’m now here, ready to go. Before that it was a memorable EURO 2020, including that performance against England at Wembley. What have you made of the response from football fans to that game? 

BG: I was so proud to represent my country at the EUROs against England at Wembley. It doesn’t get much better than that. I really enjoyed the match, I was gutted about what happened in the end but it was a great step forward for me. And being part of the Champions League final-winning squad, what was that like to be a part of? 

BG: It was a massive experience, to go over there to Porto and win the Champions League. It’s a night I’ll remember forever. That’s in the past now, I’m here at Norwich and ready to do big things. Focusing back on Norwich City and I presume you’ve had a chance to speak to your Scotland teammates Grant Hanley and Kenny McLean. What did they say about moving here? 

BG: With Grant, as soon as I came into the Scotland setup, he was with me every day and pestering me! No, he was just talking about how good the club was and I was asking him questions. Kenny McLean was texting me, saying ‘are you coming?’ and then when I told them I was coming, they were really happy for me. Will it help having those familiar faces to help you settle in? 

BG: They’re Scottish and both senior players here so they’ll keep me in the right way here. They’ll show me what’s right and I’m looking forward to it. Today is your first day here. Tell us about what you’ve been up to so far… 

BG: I went to the stadium and had a look around, it’s an amazing stadium. And the training ground is unbelievable. I met all the staff and it was great to see them. You had a meal with Delia Smith and Michael Wynn Jones too – what did you chat about? 

BG: She just loves football doesn’t she and she loves Norwich City. She was really happy for me to be here. She was talking about how good the EUROs was and how she’s still watching it. She’s a lovely woman and I look forward to seeing her again. What else did Daniel Farke say to you from your meeting with him?

BG: He said it’s a very good bunch of boys, which I can’t wait to see, and the way we play football, the style of getting the ball down and playing, is not like many other teams which punt it up the pitch. We stick to our philosophies. He was speaking very highly of the training they do and the coaching staff and the facilities and that’s what made up my mind. When you see the club’s record with young players and what Oliver Skipp did here on loan last year, was that a big influence in you deciding to join us? 

BG: The manager has a lot of faith in young players. He was saying that he’ll fit you in if you’re ready. I can see by when Norwich got relegated and came back up, he stuck by them and that shows how much faith you should have in the manager as well. Finally, how excited are you to get started? 

BG: I can’t wait. There are very exciting times ahead, coming in for pre-season and seeing all the lads. Let’s get to it! 

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