Christoph Zimmermann on how he’s delivering for the community

Norwich City defender Christoph Zimmermann spent Tuesday afternoon helping deliver activity packs to a charity that helps children with special educational needs.

The work and Zimmermann’s involvement is part of the ‘response’ phase of the Norwich City FC and the Community Sports Foundation’s wider initiative, the Canaries COVID-19 Community Project, in which volunteers are currently providing food parcels, hygiene bags and activity packs to those in the community who need them most.

The second phase of the project will see the Foundation use funds raised to help people recover from the longer term impact of COVID-19, such as poor mental health, loss of employment or housing, and the side effects of inactivity during lockdown. 

Speaking to over video call later that afternoon, Zimmermann explained his work in more detail.

“I went to Carrow Road around 2.30pm and then met a couple of guys from the CSF, who had some packages ready with activity packs in for children with special educational needs.

“Dan Wynne (Community Sports Foundation) and I put some in our cars and we drove to meet Nicki Price from the charity SENsational Families. She was there with her husband and two children, so we dropped boxes off there and had a little chat with them.

“She explained what the charity is doing and how they operate. She told me five years ago they started and are now helping 2000 people around Norfolk. In the next few days, she’ll be driving all around Norfolk to deliver the packages to the children they are for.

“This is one of the actions that the club, including players and staff, donated parts of their salaries for.”

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Zimmermann went on to explain that Jonathan Martin, First Team Operations Manager at Norwich City, has been providing the team with updates on WhatsApp regarding community work that they can help out with.

“I see how many requests come in for us to help out,” Zimmermann said. “I asked Jonny if I could do something because he always gives us updates in our group chat to tell us what we’re planning to do next.

“At the moment, we have lots of time and I don’t think it’s more dangerous than going grocery shopping if I’m honest. You have to be careful, but I basically deliver the parcels and the people collect them while keeping two metres apart.

“I think the children would like to take pictures, but obviously we have to have appropriate distance. It’s still nice for them to see one of the players at the moment because there’s no football in the stadium and no football on the tele.

“For at least some of the supporters to see a player, that helps the community.”

If you would like to support the Canaries COVID-19 Community Project and help people in Norfolk that need it the most, you can donate to the project on the Foundation’s website.

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