Club renews partnership with War Paint For Men

Norwich City are delighted to have renewed the club’s partnership with War Paint For Men.

The partnership will see War Paint’s logo remain on first-team matchday trainingwear for the 2021-22 Premier League season.

War Paint are the leading men’s makeup brand in the world, producing tinted moisturisers, concealer, beard and brow gels and more, and recently opened the world’s first men’s makeup store on London’s iconic Carnaby Street.

The company’s founding principle was to offer men more personal care choice, and through looking and feeling better, improve male confidence. The brand and its founder Danny Gray have been passionate supporters of men's mental health issues, a theme that will feature strongly in the store.

This has led to a collaboration with renowned barber Tom Chapman and The Lions Barber Collective, a group of not-for-profit top-flight barbers, trained in mental health support to help prevent male suicide. The War Paint store is their first permanent home and by paying for a haircut, customers will be helping to save lives.

Interim commercial director Sam Jeffery said: “We’re really pleased to be able to continue the great partnership that we’ve formed with War Paint for Men. Having been their first sponsorship in sport, we were keen to provide top quality experience and exposure for this great brand, all with a focus on the breaking down of stigmas and improvement of mental health for all.

“In spite of the turbulent time since the partnership began we’ve achieved a lot, working alongside people like Stephen Fry, Amal Fashanu and Luke Chadwick, which has been recognised with two nominations in the Football Business Awards.

“We look forward to adding to this success in the upcoming Premier League season and beyond.”


Founder of War Paint For Men Danny Gray said: “I’m proud to be working with a club like Norwich City who aren’t afraid to take a stand and put men’s mental health in the spotlight"

"For me it was so important that this wasn’t just about opening a shop to sell products, it was about creating somewhere for people to have an experience.

“I wanted to create a relaxed, inviting place to help men feel comfortable to have a conversation and learn more about makeup, get a haircut or even talk about mental health. Everything we’re trying to do as a brand is about normalising men using products and tools to help them feel more confident and our store is here to do just that."

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